Karl Abbott, N.Confederacy

President of the New Confederacy of deKamp


Karl’s speeches are diatribes against the ungodly. His message: “We can become prosperous if we follow God’s Commandments. God rewards the righteous, and punishes the wicked.”

This group of bible thumping crackers first settled as part of the sleeper fleet. The New Confederacy’s racist outlook and fertile farmlands continue to attract more of their own kind from the Dying Earth. Immigration and a constant baby boom have brought the population to 350,000 souls and is the fifth largest colony on deKamp.

Organized into a dozen loosely coordinated districts with strong “states’ rights”, each district also elects representatives to the Confederated Conclave of States. These Representatives elect a President from among their number every four years. Karl Abbott was just re-elected for his second term.

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