Super Solo 2



After Years in the making the next installment of the ‘Super-Solo’ story line is here. This is a very high-end campaign with what I hope is the perfect balance of mission based and role-play based encounters. I have tons of material pre-prepped and lots of cynical twists. Keep in mind nothing is ever completely as advertised. I have taken great care to include growth encounters for all on-going characters and will include individual situations for new characters as they turn from numbers on paper into true ‘people’.

There will be a lot of travel in the campaign, which should take eleven to fourteen in game months to run to completion. However if the group wants to end early for any reason I am open to it, the goal is to have fun. The group will have a lot of strategic support so that you can concentrate on the mission at hand. Pay scales are high but a character and his money/gear are easily separated and you need to live to enjoy your wealth. If at any time your character displays a lack of desire to progress and or help the group due to affluence they will be retired and a character that is hungry for adventure, money, reputation and/or power will be brought in to replace the rich/bored character. Don’t be upset by this be proud you got a cyberpunk to that level.

Nuts and Bolts Time: Character Creation is still generous but not as much as last time I ran. 60-point default. 40 bonus skill points and 50k starting Euro. Multi-classing is limited to one additional class and you have just switched over to your new class. Reputation when you start is 3 and I reserve the right to deny any character I feel is not appropriate for any reason. MANDATORY SPENDS, 2+ education, 6+ stealth and one ranged weapon skill 4+. This ensures you have the skills that would get you hired. New Characters must go through Dive school but DO NOT get commando training. Military characters generated from home of the brave DO NOT get the bonus money or skills above. Characters from Japan using the generation from the Pac-Rim book also DO NOT get the above bonus money or skills. Not all gear is available to all characters, Rare and unique gear that is specific to set organizations must be approved by me and you had better have a good role-playing reason to be in possession of the gear and I will increase the cost of such gear. I am introducing several new skills. Existing characters can get them for free if through role-playing they have demonstrated the ability.


Our group ended the New York City – Land of Opportunity Campaign in December, 2026. This campaign starts of May 1, 2027. As we are now past our version of the 4th Corporate War and Deep Space, we have been working on our own future timeline. The following represents the major events between December 2026 and May 2027:

December 18, 2026 – Marylou Ellerby wins lower court decision granting her status as a ‘person’ and not property of DMS. DMS says it will decide on the following Monday whether it will appeal. (see pg 35 of Live & Direct for details.)

December 19th – Galileo Cylinder grants Marylou Ellerby citizenship under their Charter of Sentient Rights.

December 22nd – DMS decides to appeal lower court ruling, but the United States courts decide to dodge the question and rule that Marylou Ellerby is now a citizen of the Galileo Cylinder and not subject to United States court decisions in this regard. DMS eventually brings question to Galileo Courts.

December 25th – Cardinal Jonathan St. Michael of the Vatican City (but born in NYC) is assassinated in Prospect Park, Brooklyn, New York while officiating a public Christmas Eve Mass. The unknown gunman escapes.

January 8, 2027 – City of New Haven blocks the calling of a State Constitutional Convention for Connecticut in Federal Court in Hartford.

January 22nd – Galileo Lower Court finds in favor Marylou Ellerby, and DMS claims are dismissed. DMS appeals.

February 9th – United States Supreme Court finds in favor of the government and its decision NOT to release the Report or any information of the U.S.S. Andromeda Disaster and the destruction of that government vessel. (See Deep Space for Details)

February 13th – At a conference in Milan, a coalition of conservative religious groups and anti-technologists form the organization, Humanity First, to fight potential threats to the human species from genetic engineering “gone amok”. (This is NOT to be confused with the real life U.K. organization of the same name founded in the early 1990’s, which does commendable charitable works around the world. In our Cyberpunk universe, the ‘real’ Humanity First was NEVER founded due to the MLA Authority.)

March 3rd –Bunny’, a genetically engineered animal-human hybrid ‘sex toy’ manufactured (legally) by BioWorks Inc, a company based in Mexico appears on the Galileo Cylinder with a coalition of Bio-genetic Activists, who pay her processing fees and bond for citizenship. Bunny’s legal owner, BioWorks, Humanity First, the Catholic Church and a number of smaller groups go to court to block this.

March 22nd – New Zealand adopts its own Declaration of Sentient Rights.

April 7th – Revolt on Mars. Both NASA and EU colonies overthrow their governments and form the Martian Republic. The independent O’Neill’s immediately recognize the new government.

April 9th – The Firemen are finally granted amnesty and pardons for all crimes before April 8th. DMS announces a series of movies (action toys etc.) featuring The Firemen. (Can you say “sell out”? I knew you could.)

April 11th – Galileo Cylinder’s (final) Court of Appeals finds in favor of Marylou Ellerby. DMS drops further legal action and commences negotiations for her continued services. NET 54 also joins the bidding war for Marylou Ellerby. Between A.I.’s this day becomes known as ‘Liberation Day’.

April 12th – Roca announces her citizenship as an A.I. on the Galileo Cylinder. Political backlash on Earth hits Lt. General “Blackjack” Pershing as Humanity First and conservative religious organizations attack the legality of his marriage to Roca.

April 15th – The Martian Republic is proclaimed with a ‘Senate’ made up of representatives of both colonies. There are two co-equal Consuls (one from each colony) serving as co-chief executives.

April 17th – Dr. Mariska Benes (Raggedy Anne) is named a Senator and Minister of Communications for the new government on Mars. The EU provides evidence that she and other members of the Firemen were hired as agents of the EU (under assumed names) to crush the insurrection. The Firemen and their friends do not deny the charges. In fact, Dr. Benes, a former member of Europe 3000, swears to continue to oppose EU oppression wherever she finds it. The EU vacates her pardon. Fresh charges are brought against her.

April 20th – The Galileo Cylinder’s Court of Appeals hears a motion to block Bunny’s testimony for her citizenship petition (since animal/human hybrid’s testimony is not admissible in court). The court grants the motion temporarily, but agrees to hear Bunny testify on her own behalf.

April 26th – Bunny is assassinated on her way to court for her historic first testimony by a man claiming to be from a group calling itself, Protectors of Humanity. This group is believed to be a violent offshoot of Humanity First. The Inquisitors rally to his defense.

April 28th – Bunny’s assassin is charged with attempted murder (one of Bunny’s lawyers), discharging a dangerous weapon in a vital area (a VERY serious charge on a space station), and cruelty to animals (killing Bunny herself). All sides are outraged at the listed charges.

April 29th – Switzerland, which already has legal recognition of “native” A.I.’s, adopts its own Declaration of Sentient Rights.

May 1st – In New York City, Greenwich Village is officially restored as the SoHo Wall checkpoints are closed, and that wall starts to come down.

We begin.

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