Puddy Tat: STR 4, MU 5, Cost 680 eb

Options: Endurance, Invisibility, ‘SlowDown’

Puddy Tat is like Crybaby. It is placed in a MU where it appears to be a datafile. SeeYa or SmartEye can reveal the Puddy Tat (at -2 to see it), as will an attempt to read the file.  If the NetRunner attempts to copy the file, the Puddy Tat activates.  A Siamese cat entwines itself around the NetRunner’s ankles, reducing movement by 1 square per turn.  The cat also yeows loudly, adding STR 4 to any Trace program. It cannot be dumped from the Deck unless the NetRunner succeeds in a roll of INT + Interface versus CPU’s INT + 1d10.  The icon is a large Siamese cat that continually entwines itself around the NetRunner’s ankles, yeowing loudly.

Wyn, the GM who created this, got the idea from our new housecat that would demand attention by entwining himself around your legs as you walked to make you stop and pat him.  And no, nobody tried to kick the adorable kitten who just wanted some affection!  However, as the cat grew a spray bottle of water ended that potentially dangerous antic!