Port Royal, Jamaica – 2044

The revelation of the covert surveillance of an Atlantic County Supervisor and the county sheriff along with the murder of the barkeep tear apart the current Team.  Logan has a ‘brain aneurysm’ courtesy of the C.I.A. and Sam Fisher pleads guilty to extortion to protect his friends and family (and avoid Logan’s fate).  Cat is swept up by Witness Protection but the Collective intervenes with the help of the government of Paraguay.  Kyle and Cat go to Paraguay and are given new identities and begin to study Kyle’s ‘Burn File’.

It takes two years, but the two lovers are now ready to pursue the people behind the burning of the ex-C.I.A. agent.  To finance their search they put together an edgerunner team with Doc Freeman’s help.  The Disney Corporation at the Doc’s behest lends its support (they also want a first class deniable asset at their beck and call).  So, in 2044 Kyle and Cat surface at Disney’s Port Royal Historical (Theme) Park.

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