Atlantic City – 2041


Sam Fisher, a former Delta Force Colonel and C.I.A. agent (cleaner), has retired to Atlantic City, New Jersey to raise his newly discover ‘daughter’, Catherine (Cat).  After 40 years of government service he realized he had few friends, no real family and no place that was really home.  On his last assignment (C.I.A. Blues – 2040) he made a couple of allies here, Deputy Marshal Raylin Gibbons and Boyd Crowler (a local fixer and criminal).    Atlantic City is also the home of the family of Kyle Vaduva (Zar from the Romanian Campaign), one of his few buddies from the agency.  One of Sam’s oldest comrades is Doc Freeman, who he met during the Fourth Corporate War, and now has his home and research facility in Pleasantville which is right outside of the New Jersey gambling mecca.  At the end of the Romanian Campaign the C.I.A. stole the memory core containing all of Doc Freeman’s research on his ‘Cyberbrain’ project.  Their attempt to copy the Disney build core caused it to ‘pack itself up’ and that agency hadn’t been able to open or copy it.  They finally notified the Doc and Disney that they had ‘acquired’ the core from the ‘villains’ who stole it and offered it back to them in return for Doc Freeman’s assistance during the C.I.A Blues.


It’s been nine months since the end of the C.I.A. Blues and events around the world continue to swirl.  The following are the major developments that have unfolded:
2040: November: David Whindam is reelected to a third term as President of the United States of America by a slim margin: 50.2% to 49.5% with minor third party votes .3%. He is the first person since FDR to do this. Despite the Supreme Court decision allowing him to run; many in the country are disturbed by his election. Still, the growing economy and reinvigorated political muscle of the United States brought about by the Whindam Administration has instilled a national pride that the country craves. President Whindam’s handling of the Carbon Plague Crisis has kept the man’s international reputation at a high point.

2041: February: JAB (Japanese Aerospace Bureau) launches its first major warship, the carrier, ISS Zuikaku. Although it carries a half a dozen new Deltas, it is primarily equipped with small space fighters that can’t operate in Earth’s atmosphere. The EU condemns its launching as a provocation against Europe. All the other nations of Earth dismiss the EU’s objections as disingenuous.

May: The JAB lays the keel to the ISS Hiru, a sister ship to the ISS Zuikaku, over the protests of the EU.

August: The corporate sponsors of the Mercury colony (supported by the EU) appoint a non-cyborg governor over the objections of the Metal Society, whose cyborg members have spent the past five years building the new colony base. A new Master Plan is unveiled and the cyborgs of Mercury are ordered to prepare the colony for human (fleshie) habitation. The Metal Society releases to the public the secret EU/corporate master plan to have corporate appointees (all fleshies) from Earth fill many of the supervisory positions in direct violation of the original colony charter. The Society also provides proof that this was their plan all along and appeals to the European Community Council. The Secretariat stifles any attempt to bring the Metal Society’s objections to the floor and orders the new Master Plan for the Mercury Colony to be implemented.
Well that is the recent world news (or a bit of it) that the PCs are operating in. Yes, and with it are seeds of future adventures. This future is NOT set in stone however. Our various GMs have always liked to let the players’ actions effect history. Of course, the PCs are not usually aware that they are affecting greater events, but that is fun part!

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