Cyprus Operations – 2051


One of the Bast Corporation’s major clients is a Commonwealth NGO founded by Queen Victoria II herself.  It is called Global Share and its stated function is to bring help to people around the world whose circumstances are challenged by lack of access to basic human services, health care and food production.  It is a noble cause, but often groups like Global Share become victims to insensitive political leaders and warlords who would often just seize what the NGO wants to bring to the people.  That is where the Bast Corporation comes in with their unofficial motto:  “They will not get away with it.”

For a corporation that wants to lose a group of operatives that might have been involved in starting World War III, defending the interests of Global Share is a good place to send them.  They will be in the field and unavailable most of the time.  Also, doing good deeds will help restore their personal karmic balance!