Space Punk 2083 – 2094


We have spent years of enjoying the Cyberpunk milieu, but it was time to move ahead with what we have built and bring it again to a new Dark Future with a similar attitude.  In the 2083+, Cybernetics, bioware, biogenetic constructs and AIs have now been around for years, science has gone to the stars as Earth slowly dies.  Some see this slow world wide Apocalypse as the hand of God, others as the natural progression of “children leaving home”.  Most aren’t so philosophical.  They just don’t want to be the last on Earth when the “check” comes due for the price of destroying the planet.

The reborn United Nations that brought the World out of the Dark Days of World War III is becoming a dictatorial if often well-meaning force.  Rot is setting into this monolithic, star spawning organization as corruption both corporate and political eats it from the inside.  Against this appears a misfit group from the previous cyberpunk age, who have been brought back from death (some from previous campaigns; others, who survived, meet an untimely “Blue Book” end to be here).  This Team has something that few have and not many really believe exits: Psionic-like abilities.  There are two more problems.  They all have new bodies (13 to 15 years old) and no memory of who they were.  As to their psionic abilities, they have no idea what they are.