Healing: Our Take of ‘Getting Better’


1)   Enhanced Antibodies (and it variant: Lifesaver Skinweave, which is not additive)  double your normal healing rate.  Nanosurgeons will also double your healing rate. Together you would heal 2 points a day with first aid, or 4 points per day under a doctor’s care.

2) Any damage that is completely eliminated by BTM scores at least one point of “Impact Damage”.  Impact damage CAN kill you.  This damage heals at the rate of 1 point per every two hours or, if you have nanosurgeons, 1 point every hour.

3) Stun damage is recovered at the rate of one point every minute.  Stun damage can NOT kill you, but can knock you out.  For example; 24 real damage, 8 impact damage, and  18 stun damage is 50 damage; even the biggest BOD score is out for 10 minutes minimum.

4) A character of NPC can have receive 2 attempts total to stabilize or “jump start” the healing process per 24 hours.  Only one of these can use First Aid.


Death: ‘Check Out Time’


DEATH Saves are made until the patient is stabilized or not (call the undertaker or the local fleshripping cyber doc).  The time between each save varies according to the Mortal Wound State.  Mortal O = 12 hours; Mortal 1 = 6 hours; Mortal 2 = 3 hours; Mortal 3 = 1 hour; Mortal 4 = 10 minutes; Mortal 5 = 1 minute; Mortal 6 = 10 seconds.

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