Our Official Space Punk History 2057-2094



2057 – 2077:

Generation ships head to Tau Ceti and other planets.



A wormhole is discovered just outside of Sol’s Ort Cloud in the direction of Barnard’s Star.  It is believed a ship with a “gate shield” could run the wormhole. An expedition is hastily formed with a large ship containing: 500 crew, 2500 ‘sleeping scientists’, 1200 semi-autonomous robots and slightly over 100,000 fertilized embryos (65% female).  The expedition’s ship, the Ark, is a giant nursery and contains equipment to manufacture what will be needed on the new world.  It was finished just before the end of World War III as a giant transport by the EU and became a war prize of the UN.  The UN leases it to the expedition organizers and assists in its rebuilding.



First Wave of colonization began with 5 nations departing in five “sleeper ships” each from a separate nation: United States, Russia, India, Germany and France. Neutral and losers from WW III are allowed to mount colonial vessels to counteract charges that the UN is monopolizing space colonization. This first sub-light fleet leaves in mid-2058 for the 17 year trip to the system.



Colonization of Proxima Centauri begins by NCE nations. (Poland, Slovakia, Czech Republic, Romania, Bulgaria, Moldova, Belarus and the Ukraine)



The Wormhole or Ark Expedition departs and reaches the wormhole late that year. The vessels successfully transverses the wormhole, but the ship’s passage destabilizes it.  Only messages can be sent through now.  The Ark sends a message announcing the discovery of an uninhabited garden world in the system.  They begin the colonization project.



The wormhole collapses and contact is lost with the Ark Expedition.



Invention of small H3 Fusion Engines makes possible the First FTL- ship that departs from Sol to Alpha Centauri by the gate and then commences service between Alpha Centauri and Proxima Centauri. It is a five week trip.



A second fleet departs for Lalande 21185 and the planet, Lippincott with ships from Russia, India and Australia (supported by the Star Runners).



The last wave of settlers leave for Lalande 21185 in 2065 with vessels from Russia, Germany and a UN vessel (with colonial garrison).



Gate Ship arrives at Barnard’s Star and finds a marginally habitable planet.  They start constructing the gate.



Secretary General David Windham re-elected for 2nd term.  Hyper Gate to Barnard Star is open in Earth orbit and slow colonization begins.



First FTL-2 ship departs from Sol.

Sub-light colonial fleet (the Independents) arrives to contest settlement of de Kamp.



The Compact” settles the problem of the independents vs. the UN Gate colonists; A Planetary High Council is created of 13 members (votes).  Originally, the plan was for seven votes to be given to the Independents: China, Star Runners, Ichkeria, Commonwealth, New Confederacy, Fellowship of Zion, the Family and the Sons of Wotan and five votes to the UN to distribute to the gate colonies: another Chinese Colony (China, as a loser in WWIII is denied this vote), another Star Runner one, Outer Bengal, Biafra, Sunni Caliphate. The thirteenth member would be the UN Chairman.  Some are satisfied, and some are not. Others just don’t survive.  The Sons of Wotan’s vote fell to the UN as they mustered the forces to disperse the colony when it went rogue.  The Family’s vote was eventually transferred to the Fellowship of Zion.  The only authority everyone recognizes is the High Council with a UN High Commissioner and the following Colonial Representatives (as of 2094): (Sleeper Ships) Barataria – 2 votes, Chinese Colony – 1 vote; Commonwealth – 1 vote; Fellowship of Zion – 2 votes; Ichkeria – 1 vote; New Confederacy – 1 vote; UN – 1 vote; (Gate) Outer Bengal – 1 vote; Biafra – 1 vote; Sunni Caliphate – 1 vote.

Robot Union reaches Tau Ceti e and starts assembling the gate in a polar orbit.



Small scale transport (people and medium cargo containers) to Tau Ceti begins.  Exploration and settlement plans made.



First Collapse of the Gulf Stream lasts 10 months.



Gate from Mars to Saturn opens



North Pacific Current Collapses Last Spring, runaway temperatures triggers second collapse of Gulf Stream seven months later.



Large Scale immigration to Barnard’s Star commences as the Long Winters in the northern Hemisphere begin.

The first fleet arrives at Lippincott around Lalande 21185 and finds a marginally habitable planet. There are 5 small seas that make the areas around them fertile.  There are seven other areas where there is enough water for small colonies.  Perhaps there are hundreds of smaller possible homesteads, but the planet is very dry. The five nations agree to divvy up the five major sea areas. Boundaries are set for 1000 kilometers beyond the fertile zones for the big areas.  The remaining smaller areas are given similar 500 kilometer zones, but no one is allowed to settle them. India gets the nicest spot followed by Germany, the United States, France and lastly Russia.  The division is done by lot.



First large scale protests begin demanding the opening of Alpha Centauri to wider immigration.



Elements of the protest movements turn violent as the first glaciers start to build quickly. Frustrated by the United Nations of Sol’s unwillingness to spur immigration to Alpha Centauri the Earth First Movement comes out of nowhere. It is peaceful at first.

In the Lalande 21185 system, the ships from United States, India and Germany depart back to Earth with an expected arrival of 2094. When they arrive home they will be transferred to the Tau Ceti run. The ships of Russia and France warily eye each other



The International Earth First Party makes impressive showings at the polls.



Larger Gate from Mars to Jovian System opens. Smaller gate shut down and Mars end brought to Ceres in asteroid belt.

The second colonization fleet arrives in the Lalande 21185 system. Australia gets the largest of the small fertile zones called ‘the Scar’.  All others settle on their respective colonies.



Earth First takes over a number of national delegations in the UN.  Their US Presidential Candidate wins the Presidency.  Senate is Primarily Republican. Secretary General David Whindam wins 3rd 12 year term.

In Lalande 21185, only the Australian (Star Runner) vessel departs back for Earth. The other colony vessels begin to arm themselves.



Gate ship arrives at Tau Ceti and construction begins on gate. Anti-Methuselah movement starts campaign of assassinations targeting the rich, old and powerful. First FTL-3 (Alcubierre drive type 3) ship leaves Earth’s space docks and is marvel of age.

Humanity First groups start to form. They are radicalized and somewhat Luddite in their views.  Biogens and AIs are a particular favorite target of their rage, but they also despise excessive cybernetics or bioengineering the human genome.



On Tau Ceti the Robot Union disappears when Gate to earth is open and with eleven years of preparations an explosion of humanity escaping a dying Earth pours in for the next 30 years and an average of 8,000,000 per year until 2112.


The last colonial fleet arrives at Lippincott in the Lalande 21185 system. The UN takes over the next most fertile area and tries to impose a colonial government.  Most of the colonies reject the UN colonial government’s control.  The UN military isn’t strong enough to impose its will.  Their armed space vessel does get control of space above the world, but doesn’t challenge the now armed colonial vessels. None of these vessels return to Earth.



*** First Space Punk Campaign begins on planet, Copernicus in the Proxima Centauri system. *** 

Gate Ship reaches Epsilon Eridani and commences constructing gate. No habitable planet in system.  There is one possible planet that might be terra formed – eventually.

Small Gate from Mars to Ceres opens.



Gate to Epsilon Eridani opens to Earth. They move the first completed O’Neill colony for this world here, but build no others.  Opposition to expenses of resettlement program begins to grow on Earth with the failure of the Eridani Gate.  Humanity First flourishes alongside their elder sibling Earth First.

The UNS Halsey, a UN FTL-3 battlecruiser under UN authority departs for Lalande 21185 with a secret mandate from Nathan Forrest, the Head of UNIS, to bring the colonies under control. (379 day trip at FTL-3)  They have a small military force with a few mechs.



In the spring the North Pacific Current restarts in a weakened state. It is the mildest winter in a decade.

The UNS Halsey arrives in Lalande 21185 to hostile and uncooperative colonial governments.

*** PCs arrived in Barnard’s Star system ***



A much reduced gulf stream starts up sluggishly. The ice sheets stop advancing.



The UNS Halsey leaves Lalande for Earth Leaving its former Captain (now Commodore Watanabe) in command in system to report the chaos of this world and the nuking of a Russian “pirate” ship. The Russians go ballistic and pay the Star Runners to help send a force to Lippincott.



The UNS Halsey arrives back at Sol from Lalande 21185.

*** Episodes of Liberation of the planet: Lippincott *** 

Natty brings all the new UN military personnel back to Sol in cryo-sleep aboard the SRS Iris.  The Epsilon Eridani O’Neill cylinder reaches final position in orbit.



SRS Iris must return from Lalande in beginning of year and returns immediately to intercept UN vessel. The UN jump vessel limps into Lalande and there is no combat as it becomes a rescue mission. Iris jumps back to Sol with UN soldiers in cryo-sleep. Charlie has the SRS Iris “show the flag” at Epsilon Erindani and check on a secret mining outpost.



The (Mass) Murder Mystery of Epsilon Eridani continues. The SRS Iris will be sent to Lalande 21185 to finish newly negotiated agreement with Star Runners and Russian Federation over length of deployment. (5 years plus 1 year each way for Russians) The Iris will have to be on station until 2093.



Secretary General David Windham retires after 3rd term and retires to the planet Toliman in the Alpha Centauri b system.  Windam’s hand-picked successor is elected Secretary General.  Nathan Forrest continues on as head of UNISS.



SRS Iris returns to Sol system.  It’s jump drive is barely functioning due to the stresses of Gidget’s manipulations.  It goes into dry dock for an engine replacement and Gidget works with Charlie’s engineers to create the first Jump 4 engine.  Charlie offers Natty and the rest of the Team a mission on de Kamp in the Barnard’s Star system.



*** Wyn’s Adventure at Barnard’s Star *** 

Hyper Gate from Earth to Epsilon Eridani is shut down and the Sol end is slowly moved to Mars orbit.