Reputation – It’s All You Really Have


1)  Reputation is a measure of how well you are known and respected (or hated), and the world’s (relative) opinion of your abilities.

2)  Reputation is gained thru game play as judged by the GM, and is not so much a measure of competence, but how the world perceives you.

3)  It is maintained (in the mid and upper levels by paying a monthly maintenance cost.  This cost represents a combination of lifestyle, cost of living (beyond the monthly basics), and on the higher end, what you pay out to keep your name in the spotlight and on everybody’s mind, or, if you are a wanted person, bribes, hush money and payments to “keep you safe”.

4)  In the mid levels it is frees you from the nit picking details of paying for cabs, drinks, evenings on the town, restaurant meals etc.  It also covers general maintenance and upkeep on the gear that one acquires (at the GMs discretion).

5)  At the GMs discretion, Reputation can be raised by paying (at least) the next highest monthly Rep cost.  To get to 2 just three month is the minimum, to get from 2 to 3 is at least six another months, and to get from 3 to 4 is a least another full year. Rising above 4 takes role-playing but paying an increased maintenance cost can be a factor that the GM may consider.

6)  Failure to pay Rep maintenance lowers your Reputation eventually.  For every 3 months the Reputation Maintenance is not paid, it will drop one.  Once lost, it must be regained in the usual manner.  Missed months of maintenance must be made up if you wish to further increase you Reputation.  The GM may wave that requirement for EXCEPTIONAL role-playing.  Reputation 3 is the lowest it can fall due to not maintaining it.

7)  Reputation 1 to 3 has no maintenance cost.  Rep 4 is 500 eb per month.  Rep 5 is 2000 eb per month, Rep 6 is 4000 eb per month, Rep 7 is 7000 eb per month, Rep 8 is 10,000 eb per month, and Rep 9 is 25,000 eb per month.  Rep 10 is 50,000 eb per month.

8)  Reputations 1 to 3 are local and do not apply outside your local area.  Reputations 4 & 5 are more regional, and you (at the GMs discretion) may be recognized beyond your region at ½ your Rep (rounded down).  Reputation 6 is a larger regional area and you are usually rated at a 3 internationally.  Reputations 7+ are international and (the higher you are) the more everyone (in the know) will have heard of you.  No, African Bushmen probably haven’t heard of even a Rep 10 (although you might find one with a Johnny Silverhand or Cheap Sex tee shirt).

9)  Reputation modifies your ability to get work on a month that you are “blue booking”.  Rep 4, 5 & 6 = -1 to roll.  Rep 7 & 8 = -2 to roll.  Rep 9 = -3 to roll.  Rep 10 = -4 to roll.  A roll of “1” always gets you a job and a roll of “10” means no job offer.







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