This episode turns out to be an unforeseen ‘Season Finale’.  (The campaign is being reshaped.  We will reconvene in Jamaica two years hence, in the summer of 2044.

We will have alternating GMs and a more episodic structure, less sandbox. I will continue the Burn Notice thread, where burned spy Kyle Vaduva seeks to clear his name and find out who burned him and why. The ‘Shameless’ thread is being dropped, although both Nip and Allison will be coming to Jamaica. Other GMs will come up with challenges for the party to take on between Burn episodes.

With Logan Hawke’s death and Sam Fisher in jail, two new characters are joining the team. I will also have a new character for the episodic adventures.


For The Curious

The players wondered if Nucky was a good guy or a bad guy. Was he corrupt? Was he planning on blackmailing his opponents? Or, like Nixon, was he “not a crook”? As the GM, and since we MIGHT see Nucky again, I’m not saying. However, he does gain power in New Jersey politics during these two years. I believe the ‘uber’ GMs have plans for New Jersey to again become a state. That’s certainly Nucky’s current, self-proclaimed goal. He will either go to the state-forming constitutional convention himself, or arrange for someone he hand-picks to go in his stead. Soon, he will be campaigning for a State Senate seat—and from there, aiming for a US Senate seat.

As for Geoff’s many schemes, some come to fruition. In particular, the football team has a gloriously winning season—and Bo Crowler makes a boatload of cash betting on them. Just before Christmas of the upcoming year, however, tragedy strikes. Student Haku, who has realized his dream of becoming a wide receiver, drops dead of a heart attack. An autopsy reveals that it’s not just HGH going into his system in that experimental project. Steroids are present as well. It seems that “someone” wanted faster results.

All heads swivel to the team’s trainer, Manny Rappelli, who was administering the shots.  He claims ignorance and points the finger at Marek Beran, the coach who approved the experiment in the first place. Marek denies all knowledge of this “supplementation” of the HGH regimen.

Soon thereafter, Marek is found dangling at the end of a rope, a suicide note beside him.  Marek’s daughter insists this was homicide, that her dad would never kill himself. Several upstanding community leaders are appalled about this scandal, realizing that Bo Crowler, the local ‘godfather’ of organized crime in Pleasantville, must be responsible. Soon thereafter, Bo is assassinated along with his top lieutenants.  The underground rumor mill whispers that Bo was responsible for the steroids, and that he was skimming profits off his deal with Night City.

Bo’s organization is shattered, and various people jump into the vacuum. Among them, his son Boyd picks up all the legitimate businesses and some of the shady stuff in Pleasantville and Northfield. He steers clear of drugs and the extortion “protection” racket, but vies for power on the rest.

Geoff becomes an independent fixer, specializing in braindance, and his influence expands.

Fijay returns to Europe.

Sam’s daughter Cat investigates his new girlfriend, Rianna who proves to be ‘the real deal’.

Damon Kelsey is a loose, dangling thread likely to be snipped soon after the adventures continue in Jamaica. Cat has a ‘thing’ about people who sell babies.



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