The idea was to have ‘a few kid PCs’ in addition to the ‘Burn Notice PCs’ — and use Shameless as the basic ‘kid campaign concept’ — so there would be something for everyone to do. We have a large group of players, and keeping everyone occupied has been, well, a challenge.

Okay — you know the saying, “no plan survives first contact with the enemy”? Well, seven players decided they wanted to play a kid. We now have two budding prowlers (one of them a kleptomaniac), a drug dealer, a car thief, a tech guy, a nascent Netrunner (who thinks she is actually a ‘pooka’ — try translating THAT into Cyberpunk, ie no magic, anyone?) and a … well, a cat-based biogen who’s starting on the next of her nine lives.

And of course, the Burn Notice crew: the burned spy Kyle, his buddy Sam, another colleague named Dr. Freeman from Kyle’s agent days, and … where’s the “Fiona” character? Excellent question; there is an NPC named Fijay, who will fill that role … for now.

So the opening session swings into full gear…

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