Our Cyberpunk History 2012 thru 2028



Bio plague kills 1,700+ in Chicago. Most of the downtown area and Lakeshore Drive become a hopelessly contaminated death zone.1,8,9

Concert riot in Night City kills 18, wounds 51. Arasaka complex gutted.1,8

In the Philippines, President Aguilar is killed for cheating in the election. President Lopez is elected and is killed on his way to the inauguration.6

D.I.5 discovers evidence of “the Cartel,” a group operating to hide the princesses and their mother. All attempts to trace back rumors of the group’s activities were stymied, however. In reality, the Cartel is the result of secret cooperation between Imperial Metropolitan Agriculture, (IMA) and the Hillard Corporation, to protect their profits. Based in the Caribbean, Cartel members brief Princess Beatrice, later known as Queen Victoria II, on events in the U.K.12

Northern California and Southern California separate to become the Free State of Northern California and the Free State of Allied Southern California. Separate capitals are established in Sacramento and San Diego.8

In response to the land sales and public agitation, Italy federalizes in four states: North, Center, South, and Insular. Although autonomous, the central government remains strong. The Carabinieri, under government control, become its main enforcement arm.11

The first viable nanotech is developed jointly by European and Japanese labs.5,6,11

Nagoya Transportation begins to use taser-equipped armored trucks and AVs for business.6

Operation “Green Man” is uncovered when news of a living altered fetus leaks to the general public. The original project is disbanded, but Europol and the ESA continue research in secret.11

The Federal Government begins construction of the Chicago Port Facility, south of Old Downtown Chicago. For the first time, the structure is totally designed by, and built by, nomads.9

The “Great Drought” begins in southern Europe. In Spain, Andalusia becomes a desert. Corporate war is incited by conflict over water rights, only to be stopped forcefully by EU intervention.11

A large shift in clone research occurs, away from academic institutions and into the private sector.7



NetWatch established by joint U.S./EuroTheatre treaty.1,8

Philippine President Taipan is elected and stays in power.6

Treat-Davies Act is signed, re -establishing diplomatic relations with most Central and South American countries.

First true artificial intelligence developed at MicroTech’s Pasadena facility.1,5,8

In Europe, the Great Drought occurs. Portugal sells itself to avoid bankruptcy.In Spain, Andalusia becomes a desert, with thousands of displaced people. A Water war begins between Aragon and Catalonia, over control of the Ebro River. A political problem transforms into a corporate war, and only EU intervention avoids further bloodshed. The population of each region supports its claims, and tensions run high.11

In Australia, the Youngblood family sells its land holdings to PetroChem in exchange for a huge amount of PetroChem stock, a seat on the Board of Directors, and an undisclosed (but astronomical) amount of cash. PetroChem begins mass purchasing of farms and unoccupied land in outback New South Wales for CHOOH2 production.6

After pressure by FACS, the Japanese government grants special licenses allowing Express Mail companies to use live ammo for defense.6

The rebuilding of Mexico City is completed.9

Hua Yuchi, founder of the MLC, is assassinated in China by a Cyber squad.6

A brief dispute between Arasaka and Sun Yee On Triad boss Big Len, over the ownership of a shipment of Arasaka weapons, is quickly resolved just prior to the counter-invasion of Kowloon by a force lead by Ghurka Colonel Gaje Gurung.6

The retaking of Kowloon is a success, although pockets of resistance will continue to cause problems into the next year.6

The years 2013-2014 are called “the Tribulations” by the nomad community. The combination of a more competitive nomad economy and the influx of new nomads from the Long Walk leads to increased government attention (and pressure).9

Showa-Tenno (the God-Emperor of Japan) “travels to the eternal world.” Shinka-Tenno ascends to the throne, and the “New Age of Nippon” begins.6


Stage Four(a) cloned limbs are perfected, but the techniques used are inadequate for the creation of self-viable human clones, as the drugs used to accelerate growth create non-functional brains.7

Scottish uprising begins; the Martial Law Authority (MLA) tightens its grip, only to find resistance increasing. British citizens begin to conscientiously dodge the military draft.12



 Ihara-Grubb Transformation Algorithms (IGTAs) are released into the net in September, with only one day’s advance notice. The net is completely redesigned in 10 hours.1,6,8

ASEAN reforms at the diplomatic urgings of SovOil.6

The Brain Drain begins in Portugal. (This will continue until 2018.) Many displaced landowners and rebels against the corporations flee the country. Strong Portuguese communities form in Spain and France.11

In Australia, Stage 1 of the Cape York spaceport is completed.6.

A major portion of Houston becomes the property of Kizamasu Inc., and is transformed into a corporate city.6

“Metal Wars” begin in Night City as gangs battle for turf.1,8

Utah becomes the fifth (and final) Free State.8

In Japan, SegAtari develops virtual reality interface for the “Super RoboWrestler” and “Mekton Warrior” toys.6

In China, the PLA retakes Canton, and is well on its way to victory over the MLC.6

In Japan, Shinka-tenno is “removed,” causing a period of Imperial disorder which lasts until 2019.6

Amnesty International is bombed out of its London office. It moves and sets up shop in Christchurch, New Zealand.6

In Japan, a team at Nippon Seimei Kogei Associates announces Stage Four(a) human clones with neural development and activity.7

Vatican III: neo-Catholic Reformation. Celibacy is abolished and women may finally be ordained priests. In Poland, the Church of Poland is founded, splitting off from the Vatican. Various splinter-sects form worldwide in response.8,11



Rise of the Cyber-Mercenaries; Lithuania hires cyber-soldiers to repel invasions by Latvian nationals.1,8

After 10 years of mutual sabotage and deception, Japan is kicked out of the EEC (European Economic Community).6

Nippon Seimei Kogei scientists complete a cloned body with a full-sized brain, but they are unable to marry it to a Stage Six(a) intellect. (This is probably just as well, since the body was amorphous and lived in a vat.)7

The EU outlaws the possession of military-grade cyberware by private citizens. All existing cyberweaponry must be registered and may only be retained if the individual passes a psychological evaluation. This does not stop European military forces from creating numerous cyber-soldiers.11

Judge Lawrence J. Hick, while visiting Night City, is killed by posergang members resembling Harold Meech, a cyberpsycho whom Hick had sentenced to Death Row.13

Nanotech becomes a viable commercial reality. New nanotech products explode onto the market worldwide within months.5

Agricultural subsidies are suppressed in Spain. The money is spent instead on supporting the cities and the coastal tourist zones. First groups of highwaymen appear as a reaction in Andalusia.11

In the USA, Balsam city and tunnel project begun in North Carolina.8

In Japan, the “New Yen” is established to counter the EuroDollar. The exchange rate is 200 N¥ for 1 Eb.6

Europa Sur appears. This alliance of illegal groups throughout the Mediterranean basin forms to defend against the EC and Interpol. Soon they control most smuggling and illegal traffic in southern Europe.11

In the U.S., MetaCorp, the only nomad-owned corporation in existence, is formed.9

Northern California is finally recognized as a Free State by the United States.8

Mitsubishi-Sugo develops the first Japanese ACPA (Assisted Combat Personnel Armor) using the SegAtari VR interface. The MSAS -15 is nicknamed “The Trooper.”6



Third corporate war is fought in the net, as rival corps attack other’s data fortresses. As a result, Europol 3rd Directorate is finally granted the necessary funds to take an aggressive stance towards netcrime.1,8,11

The Japanese SDF secretly develops a biopod-controlled heavy battle tank (a tank with a human brain control unit, similar to full cyborg conversions). During tests, the tank brain goes mad and flees from the SDF Fuji training grounds. The tank rampages from Fuji to Yokohama city before an Arasaka Special Forces unit finally kills it. 31 are killed in the carnage (8 SDF soldiers, 6 Arasaka solos, 4 police, 8 members of the media, and 5 civilians). The government blames the deaths on Korean terrorists.6

Space colony O’Neill One is completed.5

Bioware becomes available to the general public.5

Water Riots begin in Adelaide (Australia) as drought, industrial pollution, and river salinity reduce the city’s water supply to a brackish, muddy trickle. Construction of a desalination plant is financed by Arasaka Bank.6

Bermeo Incident takes place: 127 eco-protesters are killed by corporate security in the Basque tourist town of Bermeo. From this point forward, ecoactivists begin to carry weapons and true ecoterrorism is born.11

The Sino-Euro-American Treaty is signed, allowing visitors in the various countries to drive using their existing licenses for up to six months. Hong Kong is exempted because of a need to keep the number of cars down (and prices of local licenses high).6

Rhodes, with the support of most foreign countries, declares its independence as the Hellenic Republic of Rhodes. The EC ignores complaints from Greece and recognizes the new country. In Greece, the partisans become bolder and now control most of Tessaly.11

Rare metal deposits are found under an Arasaka training ground in Southern Africa. The local warlord tries to claim rights, but is ignored by Arasaka, which begins mining. South African natives begin agitation against Arasaka guard units.6

Nippon Seimei Kogei’s clone division is wiped out in a black operation by parties unknown.7



Francis Young successfully grows three full-sized Stage Three(a) human bodies. The bodies are twisted and imperfect, and rely on drugs to survive, but they have complete, functional brains. Young attempts to imprint intellects into the clones with a new AI/Braindance process developed by MicroTech scientist Pritap Suwarti. The process is partly successful. The clones become self-aware, but their intellects are stunted by their imperfect brains.1,5,7,8

The Burp Cola Incident occurs in Denver. Burp Cola researchers, experimenting with subliminal advertising, crudely splice the emotions of thirst and desire for Burp Cola into a braindance program in an attempt to use subliminal advertising in the new technology. Using a “well-chromed” candidate, the scientists were too successful. The test subject assaulted two of the scientists and ripped apart a Burp Cola machine. His rampage ended when Denver Police took him down with extreme prejudice after he tore apart three Com’n’Go convenience stores.15

New ACPA units are rolled out simultaneously by Mitsubishi-Sugo and Arasaka (for the SDF and export, respectively). Both use the SegAtari VRI.  The Mitsubishi-Sugo MSAS-17 Trooper is designed by popular Japanimation artist Inoue Keuma. The media provides fantastic coverage, and the SDF receives many applicants for Trooper positions.6

Germany signs a deal with Hungary, allowing the German army to train its troops in Hungary in exchange for military assistance.11

One-hundred three people are sentenced to death during the Weymouth bombing trials. Senior Justice Louis Graves earns the nickname “The Undertaker” from this trial.12

L-3 orbital colony is completed and named Galileo Cylinder (O’Neill Two).5

The Seven (nomad) Nations are established: the Snake Nation, the Blood Nation, the Folk Nation, the Jodes, the Thelas Nation, the Aldecaldos, and MetaCorp.9

John Dawson is arrested on Nov. 28, 2017 for multiple murders and conspiracy to commit multiple frauds. Dawson, the surviving half of the “Net Killers” was partially responsible for luring unsuspecting victims to his home with promises of love and sex. His accomplice, Catherine McKeever, was killed in the firefight prior to Dawson’s arrest. Dawson is sentenced to death and his execution becomes the first “interactive” execution in the history of the U.S. Net54 wins the rights to broadcast the event, charging close to $3 million euro for one minute advertising spots during the broadcast. Citizens vote by 1 – 900 numbers and at 10 p.m., the results were tallied: 9.5 million for Dawson’s execution and only 500,000 against. Dawson dies in front of a firing squad at 10:14 p.m.15

Militech supports African locals for “friendship reasons” (i.e. free). Neighboring governments declare Arasaka’s lease to be valid until Jan. 1, 2018. Militech attacks Arasaka tank units, but Arasaka fends off all attacks. Shortly thereafter, the strongest warlord in the region is as assassinated by a heavily cybered black terrorist gang using new Militech weapons.6

NASA Mars mission departs.5

MetaCorp sells the JackSuit to Militech.9



Brushfire wars erupt in New Central Europe.1,8,11

A coup is carried out in South Africa, giving regional power to the “Black Liberation Army.” James Miyahara of Network 54 reports Arasaka support of the BLA. Arasaka buys the title and mining rights for their (already occupied) land for 5 million Eb, paid to the BLA.6

As a consequence of the terrorist strikes of the Nuova Mafia, many areas of southern Europe, especially Calabria, come under martial law. They remain so to present day.11

The Japanese government unveils their “Ground SDF Plan for 2020” which will use ACPA, one-man tanks, and AVs. The SDF introduces the Mitsubishi- Sugo MBT-18 as the MBT (main battle tank) of the 2020’s. The National Police Agency starts to use the agile and light MSLT-17 ACPA. It is rumored that Mitsubishi-Sugo and Arasaka have developed a semi-humanoid “walking tank” the GSFD trials in 2021.6

Pritap Suwarti leaves Microtech for Biotechnica. A covert legal battle ensues.  Suwarti is assassinated, presumably by Microtech agents, but his protégé, Moira Kelly, stays with Biotechnica. In an unrelated tragedy, Francis Young’s twenty year-old daughter Amelia is killed in a traffic accident.7

L-4 orbital colony is completed and named Paradise Station (O’Neill Three).5

Second ESA/Soviet Mars mission departs.5

The DMS Incident. DMS sends a Black Ops team to extract Net54 news division VP Daniel Jung after he contacts DMS, stating he was unhappy with his current position and wants to join DMS’s news division. The team encounters low resistance, but becomes overeager and kills the two bodyguards assigned to protect Jung. The “extraction” is later broadcast on Net54’s news magazine, “Looking Glass.” The result is a PR nightmare for DMS and an investigation of DMS by the FCC and the rest of the federal government.15

Scottish nationalists meet the English forces two miles north of Buckton. The battle starts at 6 am, February 21 and finishes 23 hours later with 2/3 of Scotland’s 32,000 resistance fighters dead. All but one of the movement’s leaders are captured and executed for high treason. Colonel Malcom Douglas-Campbell, the sole survivor, flees to Belfast and receives asylum among the Irish. The nationalists resort to terrorist hit-and-run tactics while Douglas-Campbell liaises with the IRA.12

The Buckton Treaty is signed in Buckton, Scotland. After a month of debate, Scotland is finally independent and agrees to elect its own national assembly to govern the newly independent land. The English, in turn, agree to withdraw all troops except those designated as reserves, which would follow in a period not exceeding 10 years.12

MetaKey moves near Tampa, FL. Salvage of the city begins.9

ESA unmanned probe is launched to Jupiter.1,5,8

The MLA collapses; Victoria II is crowned Queen of England.12

First (preemptive) laws that prohibit human cloning at the sentient level are passed in Europe.8,11

With Albanian support, Greece finally manages to annex Macedonia. The

Serbs react by occupying half of Albania. Turkey does not intervene. 11



Orbital colony revolt at L-5. Highriders successfully repel ESA forces and announce independence. L-4 colony placed under martial law.1,5,8,11

Jinkyoku Tenno ascends the throne in Japan, ending the period of Imperial “disorder,” and Jinkyoku Year 1 begins.6

British Pirate Cassandra King, alias Sandra Royale, is arrested after leading the pirates in an attempt to restore the Monarchy. King is incarcerated in the Isle of Wight Penal Colony and spends two years there before receiving a royal pardon.12

The ESA begins full-scale construction of an orbital lift launcher on the Canary Islands. When complete d, it will replace the prototype built at the same location in 1992. Spain, a loyal ESA member, is set to receive an enormous influx of money and work opportunities. It may offer a last chance to climb back from economic near-ruin.11

NASA Mars mission reaches Mars.5

Storm Technology begins operations in New South Chicago.9

The Harumi International Convention Center Comic Market is raided by a solo team; 302 are injured, 17 are killed. 7 solos are captured and 3 are killed by Metalmax and Grappler posergangs. The solos are identified as an Arasaka security team. It is rumored that Saburo’s BlackBook was being traded as game software.6

Friends of the Earth bomb PetroChem offices in Dallas. 430 people are killed and a 4 block area is destroyed. South China Golden Triangle drug lords begin limited production of opium and heroin again from new, virus-resistant plants.6

Francis Young grows a perfect human body, cloned from samples taken from his daughter while she was still alive. The clone grow in ten months, and looks like Amelia. It is devoid of intellect, however. The body languishes in a vat while work on the intellect implanting procedure continues.7



Storm Technology signs a contract with the Aldecaldo and Jode Nations for salvage/rebuilding in Chicago.9

Francis Young and Moira Kelly, in a groundbreaking experiment, implant a constructed personality in the cloned body of Young’s deceased daughter Amelia, using a combination of cybernetic and organic technology to hold the implant in the blank brain. The clone becomes self-aware, and is named Adriana. Is it the first Stage Seven(a) clone in history. Shortly after its completion, Executive Memo 801 is handed down by the Directors of Biotechnica, ordering the clone’s vivisection and study, to aid the refinement of second generation Stage Seven clones. Immediately following the issuance of this memo, Adriana is kidnapped from Biotechnica’s New York research facility and disappears.7

{Our group did Land of the Free Campaign here}

Two rival candidates compete for the Presidency of Portugal, which signals a major breakdown of corporate alliances.11

Elements of the Snake and Folk Nations are contracted to begin to build the New York-Boston extension to the Intercontinental Maglev System.9

Second ESA/Soviet Mars mission reaches Mars.5




Third lunar colony construction begun at Clavius by ESA.The interactive execution of serial rapist Tom Alexander is carried out inMarch.15 NASA’s Chryse Planitia/Mars Base is completed.5



First automated factories appear in orbit around Mars.5

The British government repeals the Criminal Law Act of 1978 and replaces it with the Civic Order Bill. The bill reclassifies offenses into five bands ranging from Drunk & Disorderly at the bottom of Band I to Industrial Espionage at the top of Band V.12

O’Neill Two declares independent status. The “O’Neill War” between ESA and the Highriders occurs, lasting approximately 7 hours. Due to numbers, and the inherent cooperation between workgangers and spacepilots, ESA is forced to rescind control of O’Neill Two. They (ESA) retain Crystal Palace and L-4 (O’Neill Three).5

*August 6, HRH King Michael of Romania dies in Aubonne, Switzerland.  Per his wishes, his body is returned to Romania for burial at Peles Castle.  President Popescu declares a national day of mourning and arranges for the body to lie in state in the People’s House.  Nearly half a million people filed past the coffin over the next two days.  Dignitaries from around the globe attend the state funeral. Queen Victoria II is in attendance and is invited to share in the small family ceremony at Peles Castle.*

ESA/Soviet Isidis/Mars Base completed and a formal colonial government is introduced.5




NASA begins regular flights to Mars, initially every fourteen months.5

The New York-Boston extension to the Intercontinental Maglev System is completed and goes online.

Major manned survey effort by NASA leaves for Jupiter.5



*Fourth Corporate War Begins with Ocean War*

 *** See Past Campaigns for Details ***



Clavius colony completed. Three times larger than Tycho, it is described as being totally self-supporting. NASA manned mission to Jupiter arrives.5

ESA/Soviet manned mission to Jupiter departs. Joint JAB/NASA Saturn study set for launch.5

*November: End of the Fourth Corporate War*



February: Saburo Arasaka arrested (house arrest) in Japan.  The United States and the EU both issue extradition warrants.  Japan considers them.

March:  The Magnificent Curtis finishes successfully leads a horde Netwatch personnel, corporate programmers and outlaw hackers to put down “Super Virus” released by Rache Bartmoss at his death.  NET communications are safely reopened and enough uncorrupted data had been saved to restore the system.  A worldwide project is started to update the NET to make sure nothing like this happens again.  (This will represent our rewrite of the NET rules, which is (very) slowly being worked on.

April:  The United States and the EU agree to give the US first crack at Saburo in spirit of international good will.  Actually, United States has information on complicity of Euro Bank in the Ocean War, and trades it for support.

May:  Just before Japan announces Saburo Arasaka’s extradition to the United States, Saburo’s coup overthrows Japan’s Prime Minister.  Japanese SDF navy sails from ports and refuses to recognize new government.  The United States mobilizes for war against Arasaka.  In a rare show of international cooperation, both the EU and Russia move to provide the United States with logistical support.  (With the fervent hope that they bleed themselves dry in the process.)  As the Arasaka controlled Diet is about to confirm Saburo as the new “Shogun”, the Emperor appears before the Diet and denounces the aging patriarch of the Arasaka clan.  An angry loyal “samurai” of Saburo’s personal guard kills the Emperor in front of the Diet.  A spontaneous rebellion erupts. Saburo’s denials of involvement and his immediate execution of the assassin do not save him.  A general strike cripples Japan’s already shattered economy.  He tries to seize the Imperial Family but the Imperial Guard holds the palace long enough for them to escape.  The Emperor’s daughter claims the throne, as the late Emperor had no son, and she endorses Admiral Hattori as acting Prime Minister. Saburo declares the new Empress’s accession illegal and tries to claim the Imperial mantle through an ancient marriage link to the old Imperial family.  Arasaka security forces try to ruthlessly suppress the general strike.  The use of Arasaka’s foreign mercenaries as shock troops outrages the Japanese people, and fighting erupts all over the country.  Violence becomes so bad; Saburo must call in the ground forces of the SDF.  They refuse to fire on their own people, turn and declare loyalty to the new Empress.  Arasaka forces waiver, and at that moment Yorinobu Arasaka appears publicly to denounce his father’s actions and calls on all corporate employees to support the new Empress.  Those who remain loyal to Saburo Arasaka are cut to pieces.  Foreigners in Arasaka’s service, who fired on the strikers are ruthlessly hunted down and executed.  Those that flee to their own countries are often returned and executed.

June: Saburo is captured, tried and publicly beheaded by Admiral Hattori.  His head is sent to President Elizabeth Kress “to express the profound apologies of the Japanese people.”  The United States military stands down from its prepared attack on Japan.  Arasaka is banned from doing business on United States soil for two years as the issue of reparations and ownership of former Arasaka facilities are worked out.  Arasaka’s worldwide holdings fragment.  All of their facilities in the EU that were nationalized are permanently seized, and sold off to Euro corporations without compensation leading to a continuing hostility between Japan and the EU.  All South American holdings spin off to a former Arasaka subsidiary, Amazonian Security.  Negotiations between Arasaka Japan and Amazonian Security drag on for several years.  Arasaka forces in Western Australia are nationalized officially, but those corporate offices actually just become an official arm of the government.  Negotiations between the government of West Australia and Arasaka Japan quickly result in an agreement that fills the latter’s corporate coffers with much needed capital.  Arasaka’s African operations declare their corporate independence under the name of the Orochi Resource Group (ORG).  Many of their leadership were close personal associates of Kei Arasaka and refuse to deal with Yorinobu Arasaka.  Arasaka Japan cuts off the Orochi Resource Group from all replacement parts and ammunition.

July:  O’Neill Two’s (the Galileo Station) government promulgates its Declaration of the Rights of Sentient Life.  It grants AI’s equal rights with humans and ends all debate as to the rights of Full Conversion Cyborgs.  Sentience of a species or group NOT biology becomes the basis of citizenship.  Most Earth bound religious leaders decry the Declaration, but many governments agree to honor the citizenships that will be granted by O’Neill Two (the Galileo Station).  Diplomatic negotiations commence to work out the details.  Within a year Iceland, New Zealand, Singapore, Switzerland and the remaining independent O’Neill adopt the Declaration, and a number of other countries start to consider similar measures.



Revolt on Mars. Both NASA and EU colonies overthrow their governments and form the Martian Republic.  The independent O’Neills immediately recognize the new government.  The United States and the EU form up a joint venture to put down the Mars revolt.  NASA sends its new carrier, the USS Lexington, and the gunship USS Constellation, and the EU sends its new gunship, the EUS Strasbourg (the largest space vessel ever built) under command of French Admiral Daynes to suppress the Martian rebellion.

***This was done by our Cyberpunk Group***



Repeated provocations by American nomad groups along the Texas boarder forces the tottering Mexican government to demand that Texas rein in these groups or face reprisals. The nomads’ grievances (besides the memory of the Long Walk) are based on repeated attacks by “bandits” on their people.  These bandits are more often than not members of the poorly paid Mexican Army.   The Federal government in Washington empowered by its successes in the Fourth Corporate War sees this as an opportunity to end Texas’ Free State status, and insists that Texas comply with Mexico’s demands.  Texas refuses, and the United States cuts off military support. General Eddington resigns as Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff in protest, and declares his candidacy for President of the United States under the Republican Party’s banner.  The Mexican Army backed up by disaffected former members of Militech, who refused to comply with General Lundee’s reorganization after the Fourth Corporate War, invade Texas.  They drive right towards all the central and important cities.  On the coast, the Texan “Brownsville” salient holds out with its back to the sea.

March:  Texas President calls for a vote on full statehood for Texas.  It barely passes.  He signs it and resigns.  The “Vice President” is sworn in as Governor.  Federal Troops destroy Mexican/Militech forces in a little less than 100 hours.  By day five Mexico calls for an Armistice and it is granted.  All Mexican troops move south over Rio Grande.

October:  The combined US and EU fleet is defeated as the try to enter Mars orbit.  The Martians have built two smaller gunships of their own.  The USS Constellation and the EUS Strasbourg are destroyed.  The USS Lexington is captured.  The Lexington is repaired and renamed the MSS Aries.  The Martian Republic now has the largest single fleet in the solar system.  Russia recognizes the new entity and promises aid.  The EU and the United States fall to bickering about responsibility for the debacle.  Mars announces preparations for a space assault on both EU and United States holdings in the “dark”.  The new Martian Republic is bluffing as their fleet is in poor shape and in desperate need of repair.  These facts are unknown to the Earth powers.

November: The former General Eddington and his running mate, David Windham, defeat Roger Hargrove, President Elizabeth Kress’ former VP, who was running to succeed her.



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