Super Solo 1

The team started off as criminals whose minds had been wiped (except for skills) and dumped in an LA walled combat zone. We were not informed of our crimes, but told that the sentences were very long. This was all the players knew. We, of course, wanted to escape. What was interesting was that this whole first third of the campaign occurred in VR (except for one session). We were, in fact, genetically engineered (from a lot of animal DNA too) constructs built by a corporation set up by Arasaka and Biotechnica (to give them deniability for all the laws this broke). The one session NOT in VR is when the drugs that kept us dormant in the VR tanks did not get refilled and we woke up. That night we proceeded to escape from the laboratory and kill everyone we met trying to
escape. We didn’t escape the building and the GM convinced us to surrender (or we would surely die). We were then put back in VR. The whole session was very confusing to us, but no one ever figured out what was going on until the truth came out.

The second part of the adventure was being brought out of VR, when we succeeded in escaping from the virtual prison, and being told about who and what we were. We all (more or less) happily went to work for our creators. The team (and the other NPCs like us) developed some curious group rituals. I mean, is it really cannibalism if you eat your fallen enemies and you are NOT human. The group was bred with a dislike of humanity (except for our creators, at first), and became very insular. As a group, the Super Solos (and they were not all solos) became very gregarious among themselves. They never argued or fought amongst themselves, and always acted as a team with no specific leader. With the high tech gear at their disposal, they became frighteningly efficient.

So efficient that in part three of the campaign started when Biotechnica and Arasaka realized, “OMG, what have we done!” they attempted to exterminate the group, but most of our team (and a number of others; 15 to be exact) managed to escape and hide, along with the principle researchers and a whole pile of cash. Our Team cut a bloody path across the United States before we wised up, faked our own deaths, and went completely underground. Arasaka and Biotechnica helped our ruse. This was totally enlightened self-interest. By now, a couple of other mega corps (Militech in particular) and the United States government were hunting us. If the truth came out, those corporations would be destroyed. The remaining Super Solos and their principle creators left the country. They have since then managed to resume production of more of their kind, and these are fertile and can reproduce.

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