Tamas (Fringe) Costache

Tamas was a mixed-blood Roma/Romanian who grew up on the fringes of society. He joined a street gang in his youth, became a prowler, then realized he did better at putting deals together and became a fixer. Tamas was a member of the Romanian Freedom Fighters. He always had an idealized notion of democracy, and was passionate (albeit secretive) about wanting democracy for his country. He naively though it would solve all of Romania’s ills. During our Romanian campaign, Tamas put together a bunch of deals, eventually becoming a “leader of the revolution” in [a small town in the mountains]. During the war following the campaign, Tamas died in heroic fashion. Player: Wyn Snow.

Tags: Barataria, Bengal, Biafra, China, Confederacy, Ichkeria, Islamic bloc, Liberty, military, ruler, Star Runners, Sunni, UN, Zion