Ricardo (Ricco) Torres

Ricco grew up in the favelas of Rio as a close friend of Henrique, who was part of a Brazilian pop group manufactured by a record company. When Henrique’s voice changed, he was fired and thrown back into the favela where he rose to the top of the local gang. Ricco joined the police. One of Ricco’s older brothers became a gangster; the other became a priest. Ricco’s fortunes did not prosper among the Civil Police. When his friendship with Henrique came to light, he left the force before a case could be ‘made’ (manufactured) against him. After this, Ricco became a private investigator.

At the start of the Rio campaign, Ricco was hired by the Disney Corporation and given a corporate ‘badge’, plus handcuffs whose key has mouse ears! He is determined to make sure the favella residents keep the vote following the city’s transition to independence. During the Rio campaign, Ricco serves as liaison between the Team and Disney. Ricco discovers that working for Team Vaduva is a bit of a slippery slope. His ethics have been stretched into grey areas he is just a tad uncomfortable with. However, the Team is targeting bad guys—especially his nemesis George—and so far, Ricco is okay with the “pragmatic” outlook he has needed to adopt. Player: Wyn Snow.

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