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Ali Nasiri Khan, O.Bengal

Emir of the Emirate of Outer Bengal This overwhelmingly Shia colony arrived through the gate from Bangladesh, and now comprises 2,600,000 people, making them the second largest colony on deKamp. After some early failures with crops and governments, the religious parties took control under the charismatic leadership of Ali Nasiri Khan, a scion of the […]

Halim bin Shakur Yamadayev, Ichkeria

President, Ichkeria This Chechen “Land of Minerals” was founded by a sleeper ship and has prospered. One of the last acts of the former Chechnya government granted this colony its full independence. A steady stream of immigrants has helped raise its population to 260,000. This secular democracy boasts three political parties: Socialist, Nationalist, and Islamic […]

Jack Stefanich, Barataria

Clan Leader, Baratarian Representative on the deKamp Planetary High Council Jack Stefanich is recognized as “the man in charge” when Barataria’s primary leader, Charlie, is away (which is often). Jack has criticized the UN as “getting too big for its britches” here on deKamp. Like other Baratarians, he is a skilled sailor and independent minded.

Jahi Nejem, UN

UN Deputy Secretary for deKamp Jahi is both the leader of the colony itself and in charge of the UN mission on deKamp. Thus, he is responsible for overseeing the Gate, ensuring that economic and industrial development do not harm the fragile ecosystem, and looking out for the overall welfare of the planet and its […]

Kamani Chakarabasi, Biafra

Prime Minister, Royal Republic of Biafra While Biafra does have a Royal Family, it is ruled by a Prime Minister who is chosen by and responsible to the Lower House which is popularly elected. Kamani has been prime minister for 18 years. He is admired as a wise and just leader. His speeches often focus […]

Karl Abbott, N.Confederacy

President of the New Confederacy of deKamp Karl’s speeches are diatribes against the ungodly. His message: “We can become prosperous if we follow God’s Commandments. God rewards the righteous, and punishes the wicked.” This group of bible thumping crackers first settled as part of the sleeper fleet. The New Confederacy’s racist outlook and fertile farmlands […]

Khalil al-Rasheed, Sunni

Caliph of the Sunni Caliphate of deKamp The wealthy Saudi Arabian al-Rasheed family funded this diaspora from the mid-east just after the gate opened. Caliph Khalil Abdul Jamir bin Sabur al-Rasheed encourages trade as the basis of prosperity. The Caliphate culture adheres to strict Sharia law and is strongly patriarchal. They are moving towards equality […]

Lew Jones, Zion

President of the Fellowship of Zion Zion’s founder, charismatic evangelical preacher Lewellyn (Lew) Jones, encouraged anyone who was “born again” to emigrate to this colony. On radio and TV broadcasts, he often rants against “those heathens” in the Muslim colonies and “those sinners” in the Commonwealth of Liberty. Fifteen years ago, Lew married the sole […]

Ray-Ray Hardy, C. Liberty

Director-General, Commonwealth of Liberty Despite having only 65,000 colonists, the Commonwealth of Liberty is the most successful of the independent colonies since the Hardy family discovered the most valuable platinum mine in known space. The matriarch, Margarita Hardy, used her fortune to establish a hereditary Director-Generalship that oversees the largest local corporations and provides a […]

Tsou Bao-Zhi, China

Premier of the Chinese People’s Republic of DeKamp, Secretary General of the Communist Party Tsou Bao-Zhi became the leader of this Chinese colony some 13 years ago, and began a policy of issuing “business licenses” to people who wanted to organize and run businesses (either manufacturing or services). A few other Party big-wigs accused him […]