The First Campaign Logs

Starting at the end of 2007 (real time) our group began to keep session logs of our Cyberpunk Adventures and posted them on a wonderful Cyberpunk discussion board: Views for the Edge.  We began doing this as a lark and to keep track of what happened as we played.  At that time we were starting to run thru R. Talasorian’s Fourth Corporate War and knew this would be a long running endevour.  We needed to keep it all straight.

To our surprize this garnered a bit of interest from fans of the cyberpunk genre around the world that visited the site so we have continued to do this.  I myself love to write and had in the past contributed to such game systems as Battletech and Rengade Legion.  Wyn Snow is a published author of technical books and Ted Salonich is a major contributor to the aforementioned Views from the Edge forum.  It all just grew from there.

These are the fist part of logs we have published going up to 2038 in our campaign world


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