Stealth Suits

Lone Star’s – “Grey Shadow” Sneak Suit

14,000 euro
This is a high end sneak suit that has been around as a custom made design since just before the Fourth Corporate War. It has normally been available only to those with the ‘right’ connections and a high enough Reputation. The Lone Star Corporation of Texas, normally known as a manufacturer of ACPA, has reentered the ‘stealth suit’ market by acquiring the rights to this design. Lone Star developed the proto-type ‘Blackjack’ Stealth suit before being bought up by the Arasaka Corporation in 2021. Arasaka divested itself of Lone Star as part of the settlement after the Fourth Corporate War, but the Japanese corporation kept the rights to the ‘Blackjack’.

The material of the “Grey Shadow” is a form of polychromatic ‘spytech’ with four custom programmable camouflage patterns (target 15+ Programming roll), and four basic colors (also programmable (target 10+), but the defaults are: white, black, green and tan. The suit is naturally dark gray. The patterns can be selected via a keypad or may be done mentally with a neural processor and any one of these links: data term, machine/tech or cybermodem (if a netrunner). These links can allow you to improve the stealth ability of the suit if you have the time and prerequisites (see later rules). It is SP 18 (EV 0) heavy armor covering you head to foot including hands with built in smart gloves, if you desire. Technically the gloves are of lighter armor since they can do fine manipulations with no Reflex/Tech loss. The suit is of Very Good quality.

The suit is IR, Thermo & Radar resistant as per ‘spytech’, and gives a –2 to awareness/notice rolls plus an additional –1 for every 10 meters away, if the target doesn’t move. The movement penalty is –1 to awareness. If jacked directly into the suit, the wearer can make the suit -3 to awareness by taking a full 10 sec (1 turn) to mentally adjust the suit to his/her surroundings. This is lost if you move, unless you are linked to suit and have an INT of 7+, Stealth 7+ (add Sneak or ½ Combat Sneak) & MA of 8+; then you can move at ½ MA at –2 & ¼ MA at –3 after the one turn adjustment. Moving to a different terrain background (GM’s choice) calls for a new 1 turn ‘adjustment’.
A harness (EV 0, which chips into the suit) can carry up to 2 pistols and several pieces of B&E equipment, which are protected by the suit’s camouflage system. These suits are grounded against electrical attacks (and EMP) and are fire proof (SP 20).