Campaign Logs

Here we have the logs of the various Cyberpunk Campaigns our group has run.  The Player Characters come and go.  Some retire, others die (often messily), but the our world tries to maintain a consistant story and history.  Our four Game Masters work together to create and interesting, fun and wonderous place to explore.

Our campaigns have grown into what we call “Space Punk”.  In this section, you will find our current campaign that we are running from Episode 17 of Space Punk.  We will add the end episodes of the 2014 World War III Campaign and Episodes 1 thru 18 of the new “Space Punk” as we write them up.  There is also a collection of the logs that have come starting with our version of the Fourth Corporate War which started in our 2024. For Campaigns previous to that we will be assembling summaries gleaned from boxes of old notes, computer files and our collective memories.

We take our inspiration from books, movies, other Cyberpunk sites (see Links) and, of course, R. Talisorian’s various incarnations of the Cyberpunk game.  All Hail Mike Pondsmith!  It is our hope that others may find some inspiration here.


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