Richard Roman Enterprises – 2052


The campaign moves back to familiar cyberpunk territory; doing a job for corporate America. The Bast Corporation is not officially involved but they do contribute a couple of operatives to help Dr. Gordon Freeman put together a team of world class personnel for a very special assignment. Doc Freeman also asks the Collective for some help and they send two their warriors. The Collective and the Bast Corporation do have ulterior motives. Both are very interested in what Doc Freeman’s client, Richard Roman Enterprises is up to.

Richard Roman Enterprises is a rising US based mega agro-corp founded by former billionaire playboy, now turned philanthropist, Richard Roman. Besides his corporation, Richard Roman runs the largest organization of food banks and ‘soup kitchens’ for the poor in the entire world. Since his brush with death and recovery from brain cancer, Richard has dedicated his life to solving the problem of world hunger. This is the only reason that convinced an angry and suspicious Natty Lanikova to help. Of course, the Nietzscheans of the Collective couldn’t care less about feeding hungry humans, but they have some questions they want answered.