Fall of the Cotton Kingdoms – 2047


In our campaign world David Whindam has been President of the United States since 2030.  No he is not the ‘evil’ dictator of Cybergeneration, well, actually he is, but he is a lot smarter and there are no ‘evolved’ or such nonsense.  President Whindam is a crafty, experienced politician who plays to his public and has a vision of a united and strong America.  The ‘Cotton Republics’ of the 2020’s are still with us though some of the leaders have died and often their replacements are not up to the caliber of their predecessors.

With most of the important Free States brought to heel only these intransigent southern dictatorships stand in Whindam’s way.  This campaign is about one of President David’s plots to bring down the state he considers the most intransigent.  Alabama and the Lowdnes Family are in his sights.  He has put together a plan to bring them down, and the PCs are going to help.