Our gaming group has over the last twenty years developed a number of weapons for game play.  Most of these have come from the few players who have taken the time and effort with their characters to develop their weaponsmith skill to a high enough level to create new weapons systems.  Our group is very strict on what it takes to achieve this level of skill, and we will be posting those rules under the Alternate Rules heading.  To be brief, you need a Weaponsmith Skill of 6, a workshop (minimum cost 50,000 eb) and the schematics to make a modern firearm.  If you wish to make something completely new the Weaponsmith skill needed is at least 8 plus the skills of Metallurgy and Chemistry with one of those skills at 5 and the other at 6 minimum.  A new weapon concept must be field tested IN GAME and usually takes a number of prototypes to perfect.  Sometimes early prototypes have teething problems (See Episode 4 of our C.I.A. Blues Campaign – 2040 for Charlie (Adkus) Bibbleodoc’s new laser pistol.)

So far only two characters have become active master weapon makers (with one more almost there, Weaponsmith 7).  Both these characters have created small companies to sell their wares.  This in itself has provided fodder for a number of adventures.

The first master weaponsmith is called Opium.  A street kid from our long running kid’s sessions which became  known as the Cheap Sex Campaign.  The players started out as throwaway children aged 12 to 13 (each an escaped convicted murderer in the combat zone; some guilty, some innocent).  Opium joined a few sessions into this so she was the only one not wanted by the police, who weren’t really looking very hard for the group anyway.  The group coalesced into a rock band with this character as the bassist.  Over the eight game years of the active campaign the all amassed fame, fortune and pardons.  All the while Opium developed her skills a weapon maker ad eventually opened: Opium Arms.

The second master weaponsmith is named Charlie (Adkus) Bibbleodoc.  He is a nomad tech originally from our Grenada Campaign.  There he fell in with the Team’s female prowler, Nikita (Nikki) Bakunin and the two along with another PC robbed a major jewelry and gem dealer on that island for a small fortune.  Interpol investigated so Charlie changed his last name  to Bibbleodoc.  The statute of limitations has long passed, but he keeps the name Bibbleodoc.  He eventually created Boss Arms.  Charlie’s major invention is a type of recoil compensation system that lowers the BOD minimum for a weapon by 30% (rounded up).  It can only be used on ballistic weapons of SMG, Rifle/Shotgun & Heavy Weapon (no pistols).  It can’t be combined with a compensation system that increases ROF.  This has brought him to the attention of the government which now finances his work through D.A.R.P.A.

A third (almost) master weaponsmith is Catlin Jones, a biogenetic cat/human hybrid assassin that ended up being ‘owned’ by Opium, who taught her the weaponsmith trade at her company, Opium Arms, before she freed the biogen.

Please enjoy using these creations of ours in your campaigns.  They are listed under the following categories:

  • Handguns
  • Rifles and Shotguns
  • Heavy Weapons
  • Others