The Early Years

Back in the early 1990’s when our group starting playing Cyberpunk 2020, none of us dreamed that twenty years later we would still be doing this.  Yes, we have also played a number of other systems and still do.  Battletech, the White Wolf storyteller system (until they suicided their timeline to sell you a complete new set of books) and Pathfinder are some of our favorites.  Now it is Warhammer 40K that is our concurrent love.

Here are summaries and information on those campaigns collected from notes, computer files and the memories of those who participated.  Many of the high level NPCs that are now movers and shakers in our gaming universe started as Player Characters in these early adventures.  Of course, many of the early PC’s were killed, which is an occupational hazard for cyberpunks.  A few even successfully retired to live a quiet life, but not many.

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