Burn Notice Campaign 2041-2046
Atlantic City, Port Royal & Rio de Janeiro

Kyle Vaduva, C.I.A. agent, is burned by the agency for reasons unknown and banished to Atlantic City, New Jersey where his parents live.  There he hooks up with his old agency comrade, Sam Fisher, and tries to get to find out the reasons for his dismissal.  Old friends and enemies appear as he builds an Edgerunner Team to support himself and help get to the bottom of the mystery.

The journey leads him to Port Royal, Jamaica and finally to a secretive group that has brought about his demise in the agency.  By then his Team has taken on a life of its own and they head to Rio de Janeiro, Brazil and a corporate plot to remake the face of that city.  Rio is now the technological jewel of South America with corporations and countries vying to harvest the power and profit that control of this city would bring.

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