There are three major incidents in the story arc that follow the dissolution of the Team. The C.I.A. figures out that the Republic of Malagay has some connection to the ‘Great Biogenetic Menace’. Jose’s testimony allows them to know that there is a base on one of the islands in Malagay. When the government learns that Caitlin slipped right through their fingers during the Miami raid, and Doyle’s escape with Ava hits the news, they decide an example has to made. A small Marine invasion force is quickly dispatched with the United States Seventh Fleet to invade and occupy the Republic of Malagay. What should have been an easy victory becomes a major disaster. President (formally Marshal) Jule of Malagay is no fool and sees the writing on the wall. He hires Schmidt Security to put together a mercenary force to defend his country, and also hires a major mercenary fleet. The President is unaware of the Adolph Schmidt connection in the biogenetic crisis. The Collective sends a force to defend their interests there also. Schmidt Security remains unaware of the nature of the Collective’s forces, and the Nietzscheans grudgingly work with them to protect their own interests.

The defeat of the United States’ invasion of Malagay hinged on four factors: an odd high tech contraption, a pair of commando strikes, Chinese Air Force “volunteers” and a upgraded low tech technique from the Second World War. The Collective’s access to the high ground of space through the Galileo Station’s satellites gave them warning of the U.S. fleet’s movements. The mercenary fleet of twelve major warships remained hidden under a blanket (literally) made of spytech material suspended from a series of dirigibles, which also keep up an electronic jamming screen. The weather cooperated and did not tear this flimsy contraption apart. The Seventh Fleet moved in with its assault ships and escorts as the USS George Washington, a nuclear powered carrier, and its destroyer screen remained farther out to sea in support. Two Malagay commando groups were released by submarine to assault and capture two of the destroyers screening the carrier. One group consisted of Malagay Special Forces troops trained by the Collective, the other was a strike force composed of the Nietzscheans themselves. The Malagay strike team did not succeed in taking their target destroyer, but they did knock out its radar defenses. The Nietzscheans stormed the destroyer U.S.S. Ted Kennedy and took the ship. Through this hole in the radar screen four replica Swordfish torpedo (prop) planes hopped over the waves at the carrier. These planes had their canvas skins replaced with spytech materials, and managed to put a couple of spytech torpedoes into the carrier before they went down. The damaged and listing carrier was forced to withdraw with its remaining escorts.

The first wave of the invasion force landed on the beach. There they met not Malagay army troops, but high trained and well-armed mercenary Edgerunner troops. The first wave of Navy attack planes met the older Saab Gustav planes of the Malagay Air Force in greater numbers than anticipated. It would come out years later that they were piloted by crack pilots of the Red Air Force of the People’s Republic of China. Still the United States pilots did very well against them, but they were not able to neutralize the shore defenses. Now, with the United States naval air arm temporarily negated, the mercenary fleet struck. The marine assault ship was sunk along with the remaining waves of the landing force and the supply and escort vessels were all sunk, damaged and driven off. The mercenary fleet lost four of its twelve vessels, and the United States landing fleet lost five (for a total of six including the U.S.S. Ted Kennedy). On the invasion beach the Marines were left to the mercies of the Malagay/Chinese Air Force and the heavy artillery of the Malagay Army (see the Chrome Berets for information on those guns). The outnumbered Marines surrendered under threat of annihilation.

The world held its breath for the next twenty-four hours. The Republic of Malagay and the mercenary fleet rescued as many U.S. personnel as they could find at sea. The American prisoners of war were released within one day on “humanitarian grounds” and to deny the United States a pretext to continue the conflict. The People’s Republic of China signed a treaty with Malagay and troops of the People’s Liberation Army arrived on the very transport planes that then flew out the American prisoners. International and domestic outrage came down on the lame duck administration of President Elizabeth Kress for its cynical attack on a tiny neutral nation. The armed forces of Malagay and the Collective came through conflict in good shape (as well as Caitlin who participated in the taking of the U.S.S. Ted Kennedy, now renamed the M.N.S. President Jule).

Historians later believed that the recriminations and Senatorial Hearings over the Malagay disaster led to President Elizabeth Kress’ stroke that brought Vice President Hargrove temporarily to power.

Soon after the Malagay incident, the Genesis Project made its last public strike. At the stockholders’ meeting of Schmidt Corp. in Melbourne, Australia, the group stormed the meeting and succeeded in assassinating Adolph Schmidt and many of his top people. Thor was seen there and repelled the police’s first attempt to secure the scene. Caitlin had the satisfaction of blowing Adolph Schmidt’s head off (another Kimura clone) in front of the stockholders and press. Several of the Genesis Project members were ‘killed’ publicly, but genetic samples were taken before hand and the ‘dead’ had theirs implanted in females of the second generation of both the Genesis Project and the Collective. The Genesis Project was never heard from again as they now rejoined their brothers and sisters of the Collective.

The now reunited Collective finally hunted down the original Dr. Kimura at another base in the Australian outback. The Team sent to eliminate him found the base under attack when they arrived. The Catholic Church was finally on to Kimura in part thanks to the information Dr. Nis had provided to the C.I.A. and LawDiv, when he tried to negotiate his way out of a death sentence in Miami. The reformed Knights Templar were storming the base in force. As the Nietzscheans watched from a distance, the ground rumbled. A large space vessel with the name ‘Botany Bay’ written on the side separated from the base and rose up into the sky. Massed fire from the church’s troops kept hitting it. Finally, the ship slowed and shuddered. Down it came and exploded on impact. The sound was heard hundreds of miles away. Thus died Dr. Kimura, all of his research.

As authorities around the world sifted through the records of the Schmidt Corporation their crimes became known. Schmidt Genetic was put out of business and a number of its executives and scientists were given long prison sentences. Schmidt Security was seized in the United States. In a final act of revenge it was discovered that Adolph Schmidt left his estate to the Catholic Church. By international agreement, Schmidt Corp and its subsidiaries were broken up and sold off, but the church did inherit the remainder of his estate after a large number of lawsuits were settled. The Collective waited for the other shoe to drop as Schmidt Corp’s records were examined, but nowhere were they mentioned. It seems that in the end, despite all of the fighting, Dr. Kimura could not bring himself to expose and destroy what he viewed as his greatest creation.

How the Feds Knew What They Knew

Sometimes Edgerunner Teams end up getting their asses handed to them. This is especially true when facing down a major government like the United States. In this case a group had to very careful especially since the EU and the American government are cooperating (somewhat) on this issue. It might appear that the GM was a little heavy handed with the group, but no, that was not the case. The Team had actually convinced their Law Div watchers that perhaps Caitlin, Jose and Wylie were no longer with the group. Then, in Episode 11, Dr. Nis was picked up and requested to speak to a high level LawDiv official. He bought his freedom from the soliciting charge by putting the police on the track of the ‘LaPresa Three’ who were then still in San Diego. In fact, the ‘Three’ left one day before LawDiv planned to raid their garage in that city. Dr. Nis succeeded in hiding his little treason and it remains unknown.

However, this kept LawDiv watching the group. The task force had Caitlin’s cover identity, (Fiona Hernandez), and was able to get her picture off that registered identification. Kathleen Black, her new identity, was not established by plastic surgery, but by a major makeover. It did fool anybody who just looked at her, but not a sophisticated facial recognition system. The Federal task force started photographing everyone, who was associated with Doyle O’Leary and discovered that Kathleen Black was probably Caitlin Jones. This led to increased scrutiny and the eventual raid that brought down the Team and Dr. Nis himself. In the end Nis brought about his own demise. While this did not end in his death, it did deny him his carefully built reputation and a lot of money that the Feds confiscated.

Legal Status of Biogenetic Creations

In the end the creation of human looking biogenetic creatures remains illegal in most countries on Earth. In fact most countries pass strict laws restricting any research on the creation of intelligent biogenetic creatures. The United States continues its ban on their very presence in that country. They deport any they find with the exception of Alaska, who executes them on detection, and Utah, which continues to grant them citizenship. A number of non-European Catholic countries and virtually all Moslem countries follow the United States’ example with many Moslem countries adopting the “Alaska Solution”. The EU honored its amnesty program, and was shocked at the number of biogens who turn themselves in. Eastern Europe and the much of the Commonwealth of Independent States (with the exception of certain Moslem republics) ban research and creation, but pass no laws banning the existence of intelligent biogens. In China, much of Asia and Africa no laws are enacted regarding this issue. The government of New Zeeland and the Collective decide to wait for a few years on the announcement of the Nietzschean’s existence to let the furor die down. The New Zealand Royal Marines do form their version of the SBS (Special Boat Service) and staff it with many Nietzschean operatives. The Nietzscheans of the Genesis Project have their human made cyberware removed and replaced with the high tech Collective gear. They undergo extensive psychological therapy to bring them back from the brink (or actual) cyberpsychosis. With the two sundered branches of their ‘race’ reunited, they look even more to the stars for their future.

What Happens to the Team?

Mr. Chen (Takka): This Nietzschean’s company, the Chen Group (from Indonesia) takes a heavy hit. While the company is not destroyed, it has a lot of its assets in other countries seized. Most intelligence services around the world keep it under close scrutiny. This makes it unusable by the Collective as an intelligence asset, but they keep it going to give the people trying to find them something harmless to chase. Takka continues as a leader in the Collective.

Ray Gunderson: The media continues to refuse to talk to authorities and is eventually interviewed by psychiatrist. He is declared fit to stand trial. Ray is convicted of obstruction of justice and sentenced to three months in (a low security) prison. He serves his time and comes out with a greater measure of fame and enormous “street cred” for standing up to the man!

Gwendolyn Ford: This Nietzschean returns to the Collective to continue her career as an operative of that group.

Henri: Interpol and the C.I.A interview the solo in Europe. He cooperates fully in exchange for immunity for the art heist in Edwards, New York (Episode One) and the attack in the Australian outback (Episode Two). The fact that he truly thought he was working to bring down a terrorist planning a bio-chemical attack allows the authorities to offer him this immunity.

Caitlin Jones: The young biogen goes on to take part in the Malagay operation and the seizure of the USS Ted Kennedy. She participates in the take down of Adolph Schmidt at his annual stockholder’s meeting in Melbourne, but not the final battle in the Australian Outback. Both she and the Collective fear that she still possesses some subliminal programming built into her by the original Dr. Kimura (Uncle), who was her creator (true). This job has cost her everything she ever cared about. Her brother is dead, her lover betrayed her, and her old life is destroyed. She continues to work with the Collective, who promise to help her with her longevity problem. Caitlin remains the poster child of the biogenetic menace that many people feel threatens the continued existence of Humanity.

Sylvania Kelevra: She recovers in New Zealand and is kept close to home. Due to Takka’s negative reports on her conduct, the Collective feels she needs a lot more training before she can participate in any more covert operations. The girl is encouraged to become a breeder of the fifth generation.

Dr. Nis: The government’s fury descends on the doctor. With their desire for a ‘show trial’ for Doyle denied, they intend to make an example of him. Internal squabbling between various agencies for jurisdiction delays his brain dance sessions to rip the truth from him. Finally, LawDiv wins out over the C.I.A.’s planned interrogation. During Nis’ transfer to Washington D.C., the ‘Genesis Project’ (actually the Collective) pulls it’s second to last known public action, and extracts him leaving behind a veritable sea of dead government operatives. Mallory, one of the leaders of the Collective who was his superior in the Malagay Campaign, arranges this. Although he has little information that can damage the Collective, his steadfast refusal to talk impresses the Nietzschean leader. Loyalty is highly valued in the Collective. Dr. Nis is given a complete identity change and a full conversion cyborg body.

Doyle O’Leary: The Nomad is beyond the reach of United States authorities. He lives happily in Europe with his new bride, Ava, who is, after an extensive examination, declared a normal modified human and NOT a biogenetic creature by the EU. The United States still considers her a biogen and maintains an arrest warrant on her for escape. The two form a racing team and with the engineering genius of Ava’s father become Europe’s premier motorcycle racers as well as world class media stars.

Opium (Thor): The rocker is eventually cleared of “being” Thor. At the exact moment when the assault on the Schmidt Corp.’s stockholder’s meeting is taking place (with Thor), Opium is at a press interview on the other side of the world along with her whole band, Cheap Sex, to announce their upcoming CD release and tour that they have ALL been working on for the past few months. Two months after the Melbourne stockholders’ meeting attack, “Thor” is brought down in a firefight with LawDiv. They open the suit to find out that the wanted cyborg is in reality a modified combat WAD. Lone Star, the maker of the suit, acknowledges that Opium was the original pilot in the testing phases during the Fourth Corporate War, but the suit was “stolen” soon after. That corporation provides documentation to prove their contention. DMS, Opium’s band label, also provides alibis for a number of the dates that the government contends that she was piloting the “Thor” suit. After the Vatican and several important church officials in the United States provide her with further alibis the government drops all charges against her. The Catholic Church weighed in to protect their own reputation (and secrets). Opium Arms is one of the major weapons suppliers to their reformed Knights Templar.

Ian Price: The Collective is interested in his skills, and the fact he has all of the late Cid’s notes and technical records. He is approached an offered a job, which he accepts. Ian then disappears ‘down their rabbit hole’ and drops off the grid.

Mario Schamal: He returns to Night City and rejoins the Edgerunner underground there. The young man’s involvement with the Team was not extensive enough to earn him a prison sentence, but certainly helped his Reputation.

Jose Thomas: The extraction of Dr. Nis, the escape of Doyle to Europe, and the collusion of the military, religious and corporate interests that ‘proves’ Opium was not Thor denies the government the ‘show trials’ they so desperately sought. However, Jose makes a stellar witness at a few senatorial hearings. The Feds honor their agreement and he goes into Witness Protection. They release his money that they had frozen and transfer it to his new identity along with the new cyborg bodies that they had confiscated. Caitlin keeps the money she pulled from his Cayman Island accounts, when she learns of his treachery. Doyle puts a contract out on Jose’s life with the Firemen, and the Collective makes a great effort to find him. (It is decided that as long as he stays in Witness Protection he will not be found. However, if he leaves it to resume his career as an Edgerunner all bets are off!)

(Dr.) Vera Zelinke: This Czech national has not broken any laws and was very cooperative with the authorities, so she is not deported. However, she finds that getting a license to practice medicine keeps getting mysteriously blocked. She remains in Miami and returns to her career as a porn star (as Stela Cervena).

The Dead Characters (PCs)James Stiles – Episode 5, Cid – Episode 14, FrancisFrankieMumba – Episode 14, Dr. Shamal – Episode 14 and Wylie – Episode 14

What Next?: Well, our gaming group is on to a campaign based in Union City, New Jersey. We will skip some time and begin in 2028. Union City is one of the most corrupt cities in America. A Mafia Family, behind a thin veneer of legitimacy, controls it. The Team’s initial job will be to discover and unravel the complex relations of the Mob and the politics of the city. Then they will……..well, read the story that will be posted here and see!


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