Brief History of Lippincott in Lalande 21185 – 2093


First Wave of colonization began with 5 nations departing in five “sleeper ships” each from a separate nation: United States, Russia, India, Germany and France. Neutral and losers from WW III are allowed to mount colonial vessels to counteract charges that the UN was monopolizing space colonization. This first sub-light fleet left in mid-2058 for the 17 year trip to the system. A second fleet departed in 2062 with ships from Russia, India and Australia (supported by the Star Runners).  The last wave of settlers left in 2065 with vessels from Russia, Germany and an armed UN transport vessel (with a colonial garrison).

In 2075 the first fleet arrives and finds a marginally habitable planet.  There is little animal life.  There are 5 small seas that make the areas around them fertile.  There are nine other areas where there is enough water for small colonies.  Perhaps there are hundreds of smaller possible homesteads, but the planet is very dry. The five nations agree to divvy up the five major sea areas. Boundaries are set for about 1000 kilometers beyond the water for the big areas.  The remaining smaller areas are given similar 500 kilometer zones, but no one is allowed to settle them. A chart is made up to say how much land around a water source is owned based on volume of water available and ability to replenish itself naturally.  The division is done by lot.  France gets the nicest spot followed by India, Germany, the United States and lastly Russia.  There are hardy insects and centipede like animals, some poisonous. A year (time traveling once around the sun) here lasts 56 Earth Standard days. Lippincott only spins on its axis only 8 times during this time so each “day” is actually an Earth Standard week (7 days).  There are two moons that pull on the planet core helping generate a magnetic field.

In 2077 at the Lalande, the ships from United States, India and Germany depart back to Earth with an expected arrival of 2094.  When they arrive home they will be transferred to the Tau Ceti run. The ships of Russia and France warily eye each other.

In 2079, the second fleet arrives.  Australia gets the largest of the small fertile zones called ‘the Scar’.  All others settle on their respective colonies.  The following year only the Star Runner vessel departs back for Earth.  The colony vessels begin to arm themselves.

In 2082, the last fleet arrives at Lippincott in the Lalande system.  The UN takes over the next most fertile area and tries to impose a colonial government.  All of the colonies reject the UN colonial government’s control.  The UN military isn’t strong enough to impose its will.  Their armed space vessel does get control of space above the world, but doesn’t challenge the now armed colonial vessels. None of these vessels return to Earth.

In 2083 the Russian colony begins opposing all of the UN’s efforts to organize Lippincott and demands a share of France’s colony.  France rejects Russia’s demands.

In 2084, the Russian colony drops its demand for part of the French Colony and asks to be assigned two of the smaller oasis areas in recompense. The Australian, U.S. and German colonies agree, but the others do not.

In 2085, Russian starts taking over two fertile areas near their colony.  They claim since the UN was not part of the original compact of nations that settled the world, they don’t get a vote on future subdivisions of the planet. Hence, the Russians have successfully been authorized to continue developing the two new settlements by a vote of 4-2, the two thirds necessary to amend the original agreement.  The UN demands they withdraw, but are politely told to “fuck off”.  Later that year the UNS Halsey, a large Jump 3 Starship (battlecruiser) arrives with a mixed battalion of Peacekeeper mechs, tanks and infantry.  Captain WATANABE Genta, the UN commander demands the Russians withdraw.  Russians demand that the French Foreign Legion Demi-Brigade that (illegally) accompanied the French Colony withdraw back to Earth.

In 2086, the UNS Halsey supported by the armed colonial vessels of France and India attack the Russian Fleet.  The UNS Halsey uses a nuclear weapon to destroy the Russian flagship.  The second Russian vessel is crippled and captured, but the third escapes.  Captain Watanabe declares the colonies in a state of anarchy and activates his orders that promote him to Commodore and he takes over command of the system.  The Indian and French colonies acquiesce.  The American and German colony protest, but agree to abide by his dictates until Earth can be contacted.  The Russians and Australians reject his demands. The now Commodore Watanabe uses his military and that of the French and Indian colonies to occupy the areas taken over by the Russians.  One is put under French control and the other is put under Indian control.  The Australian colony is bombed with minimal casualties.

In early 2087, the UNS Halsey returns to Earth under its former executive officer’s command.  Back on Lalande the negotiations for the surrender of the Russian and Australian colony commence.

In 2088: The UNs Halsey arrives back at Sol from Lalande 21185.  {Episodes of Liberation of the planet: Lippincott} Natty brings all the new UN military personnel back to Sol in cryo-sleep aboard the SRS Iris.  The Epsilon Eridani O’Neill cylinder reaches final position in orbit.

In 2089 the SRS Iris must return from Lalande in beginning of year and returns immediately to intercept UN vessel. The UN jump vessel limps into Lalande and there is no combat as it becomes a rescue mission.  Iris jumps back to Sol with UN soldiers in cryo-sleep. Charlie has the SRS Iris “show the flag” at Epsilon Erindani and check on a secret mining outpost.

In 2090 The (Mass) Murder Mystery of Epsilon Eridani continues. The SRS Iris will be sent to Lalande 21185 to finish newly negotiated agreement with Star Runners and UN over length of deployment. (5 years plus 1 year each way for Russians) The Iris will have to be on station until 2093.

In 2092 Secretary General David Windham retires after 3rd term and retires to the planet Toliman in the Alpha Centauri b system. Windam’s hand-picked successor is elected Secretary General. Nathan Forrest continues on as head of UNISS.

In 2094 {Wyn’s Adventure at Barnard’s Star}. Hyper Gate from Earth to Epsilon Eridani is shut down and slowly moved to Mars orbit.


The habitable zone for this star, defined as the locations where liquid water could be present on an Earth-like planet, is at a radius of 0.11–0.24 AU, where 1 AU is the average distance from the Earth to the Sun.

Orbital Period of planet in habitable zone would be about 56 days. The rotation of the planet is 8 times per planetary year making the “day” about 7 days long. The twilight periods are about 12 hours in length. The gravity on this world is .98 of Earth.  There are two small moons which help keep the core moving which generates a planetary magnetic field.

By 2094 there are 38,000 Russians; 26,400 Indians (Hindus); 12,600 Americans; 12,200 Assorted UN personnel; 11,000 French; 23,600 Germans; 11,700 (mostly) Australians & 500 others for a total of 136,000 people on the colony.



Novgorod (the Russian Colony)

Capital: Novgorod (pop. 18,000)

Military: About 2200 militia formed into 3 small lightly armed battalions with support units plus a 300 man Spetznaz unit, two armed spaceships and a starship

Sub-Colony: Knyazha (population 4,500)

Sub-Colony: Luskaa (population 3,500)


Mysore (the Indian Colony)

Capital: Mysore (pop. 13,000)

Military: About 1800 militia formed into 2 battalions with support units. They are moderately well-armed.  One battalion occupies the capital and the other is mobile.

Notes: The primary language is Kannada although many of the old and educated class speak English.


New Pomerania (the German Colony)

Capital: Bergan (pop. 12,500)

Military: They have about 1500 militia organized into 2 lightly armed battalions with some support along with about 500 well-armed para-military border police. Their space ship is in Lalande 21185 is the system commercial taxi.

Notes: While recognizing the UN’s authority, they took no part in the fighting during the troubles 0f 2088. Their vessel did not take part in the attack on the Russian Fleet.


New North Wales – “The Scar” (the Australian & Star Runner Colony)

Capital: Maitland (pop. 4,500)

Military: The nomads have about 300 well-armed Dog Soldiers and about 1300 militia organized into 2 lightly armed battalions with some small support units.  The Team has their Dojo and the Garden in the Scar near the capital of Maitland

Notes: They rejected UN control in 2088 and were bombed once for their defiance.


Gaul (the French Colony)

Capital: Verdun (pop. 4,500)

Military: There is a demi-battalion (500 men) from the French Foreign Legion plus about 1200 lightly armed militia organized into two battalions with some small support units. The French switched sides and recognized the new UN High Commissioner in 2088.  General Remy Sorel now commands the PDF ground Forces.


Absaroka (the United States Colony)

Capital: New Sheridan (pop. 4000)

Military: They have a decently armed border protection force (The Absaroka Rangers) numbering about 300. And 1200 lightly armed militia battalions. For space assets Absaroka has one shuttle.


The UN Colony (no official name)

Capital: New Geneva (pop. 4500)

Military: This colony was primarily a military base. They have a 1000 man Peacekeeper defense battalion.  The former military spaceport support elements have been destroyed by orbital bombardment.