Category: Player Characters in Former Campaigns

This section provides short descriptions of various player characters—their histories, passions, and goals—in former (completed) campaigns. NOTE: Images of the PCs are “avatars” and are completely unrelated to their real-life counterparts.

Ricardo (Ricco) Torres

Ricco grew up in the favelas of Rio as a close friend of Henrique, who was part of a Brazilian pop group manufactured by a record company. When Henrique’s voice changed, he was fired and thrown back into the favela where he rose to the top of the local gang. Ricco joined the police. One […]

Tamas (Fringe) Costache

Tamas was a mixed-blood Roma/Romanian who grew up on the fringes of society. He joined a street gang in his youth, became a prowler, then realized he did better at putting deals together and became a fixer. Tamas was a member of the Romanian Freedom Fighters. He always had an idealized notion of democracy, and […]