Logs of Our Previous Campaigns

Our group has been playing Cyberpunk off and on for about twenty years now with a couple of members having played for the entire time.  In fact we have another generation of players now and some of the grandchildren looking over our shoulders.  Over this period we have built a (hopefully) rich and consistant game world populated by interesting characters and concepts.

Eventually we started keeping campaign logs to keep track of everything and for our own amusement.  We would like to share them with other fans of the Cyberpunk genre in the hopes that they may serve as an inspiration for others who play or just as an interesting read in your spare time.  Although we started in the game year 2017, we didn’t start with these logs until we did our version of the Fourth Corporate War, which for us occured from 2024 – 2025.  Maybe some day we will assemble the stories of the campaigns before that, but for now this is what we have.  Enjoy!

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