The term ‘Super Solos’ is nickname we gave to the first group of biogenetic constructs that were introduced to our gaming universe by one of gaming group’s founders, Mike deFevers, back in the mid-1990’s.  It was a wild ride that spanned the Pac-Rim and across the United States.  The characters were far physically superior to any human with the finest cutting edge equipment and corporate support; well, at least at the beginning.

As players we all learned a very valuable lesson:  No matter how big and bad you are, someone is ALWAYS bigger and badder.  In this case, the United States government and about four large mega-corps that decided to end us!  Most of the characters escaped termination at the end only by faking our deaths with the relunctant help of the Arasaka and Biotechnica Corporations, our creators.  Getting caught by the government and/or the two other rival mega-corps would have brought about revelations that might end in the execution of many of the top executives of those corporations.

This group dropped out of sight with a boatload of cash, the only existing copies of secrets of their creation and their high tech equipments creation.  They adopted the name the Nietzscheians for themselves and formed a shadowy organization called the Collective to work on the problem of insuring their long term survival.

Now, ten years in the making, is the continuation of the story line of creating artificial biogenetic lifeforms and the world’s reaction to revealations of their existance!

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