Mission to Prague


The up and coming Bast Corporation is a Commonwealth security firm based in New Zealand. It is run by retired C.I.A. operative, Kyle Vaduva, and his wife, Catherine Fisher Vaduva, the full memory clone of Caitlin Jones, the infamous biogenetic assassin and poster child of the ‘Great Biogenetic Conspiracy of 2027’. After trying to retire they both realized that would be impossible and irresponsible. They use their company, which was founded by the biogenetic ‘Collective’ to support the 8 remaining Caitlins, to influence and act on people and events that threaten the general welfare of all sentient beings; a rather hopeless task in a dystopian future. Still, the thought of doing nothing isn’t acceptable to them.

Fighting the ‘good fight’ costs money so the Bast Corporation works for (and supports) those they trust and know. Nathan Forrest, the new Associate Deputy Director of the Central Intelligence Agency, is an occasional client of the Bast Corporation because this man was the best friend of Catherine’s late ‘father’, Sam Fisher. The EU (through Interpol) is frantically searching through Prague in the Czech Republic for something called the “Felix”. The C.I.A. wants to know why and what it is. The Bast Corporation’s newly formed Ghost Team One is sent to find it first.