Rio de Janeiro – 2045

We are looking at the Rio de Janeiro part of our campaign as our Third (and final) Season with this specific Team.  Section has been brought down and Kyle Vaduva’s reputation has now been rehabilitated by the C.I.A. albeit reluctantly.  What now to do with this world class team he has assembled?

After the Team’s last ‘Mission to Honduras’, rumors of their complicity in the destruction of Honduran miltary aircraft and the general mayhem that ensued made its way back to the government of that Central American country.  By then everyone was invested in the public pronouncements it had made.  Still, private complaints were made to the Jamaican government and the Disney Corporation.  It just so happens that Disney has a problem down in Rio de Janeiro, the location their gigantic new theme park, Fantasia.  They have decided to solve one problem by using another of their problems (i.e. the Team)

The Brazilian Supreme Court is expected to overturn the 1975 Presidential Decree (The Fusion) effectively re-establishing the city of Rio as an independent city-state within Brazil. Factions have begun to align, in anticipation of this decision, to vie for control of the city. The notorious favelas of Rio de Janeiro present a powerful voting block; one that several of the players in the political struggle seek to eliminate. By taking away the voting rights of the poor, the conspirators hope to move closer to their ultimate goal of eliminating the favelas; reclaiming the valuable real estate for redevelopment. The Disney Corporation opposes this agenda and has contracted the Team as ‘consultants’ to counter the maneuvers of rival factions.

Disney offers a boatload of cash, continued corporate immunity and excellent perks!  So, off they go to South America.  The government of Jamaica is happy to see their backsides.  The Mouse is happy with services of a world class Team, and who knows?  They might not survive to collect their enormous bonus at the end!


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