SegAtari Virtual Reality System


You may train skills up to level two using the SegAtari Virtual Reality System (see item rules for use).  You may have no more skill levels trained than your INT score.  For example, if you have an INT of 8 you may have 4 skills at 2, 2 skills at 2, 4 skills at 1 etc. When you earn a skill level above your virtual trained level by spending IPs, you free up those skill levels for more virtual training.  For example you have 4 skills at 2 (8 INT), one of those skills is SMG, you earn SMG +3 with IPs, now you only have 3 skills at 2 and may train two levels in something else (or 1 level in 2 skills).

Skill chips that are available for this system are those that are usually available as MRAM or APTR chips with three exceptions: 1) Restricted military skills (APCA Pilot, for example); 2) most social interactive skills (including teaching); and 3) any “Expert” skill.








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