Damage & Point Blank Range


The following clarifications make the skill Gun Fu an actually useful skill.  The actual to hit roll always uses the Handgun Skill with no adds for MAs.


1) The Maximum Damage rule for point blank range fire is amended as follows:  Only in a surprise attack is maximum damage awarded for any shot except if the firing is using Gun Fu.  Gun Fu martial artists ALWAYS do maximum damage with their point blank range shots, if they so desire.

2) To Control the range of an attack (generally point blank to close or visa versa) you must win initiative and have a higher MA than your opponent.  If you win initiative but have a lower MA, you can change the range for one action only.  Your opponent with a higher MA will be able to compensate and negate that advantage quickly.  If you lost initiative and have a lower MA, your opponent will be able to keep his/her range if he/she wishes.

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