Category: NPCs Current Campaign

NPCs in the current campaign are listed alphabetically here. NOTE: Images of the NPCs are “avatars” and are completely unrelated to their real-life counterparts.

Khalil al-Rasheed, Sunni

Caliph of the Sunni Caliphate of deKamp The wealthy Saudi Arabian al-Rasheed family funded this diaspora from the mid-east just after the gate opened. Caliph Khalil Abdul Jamir bin Sabur al-Rasheed encourages trade as the basis of prosperity. The Caliphate culture adheres to strict Sharia law and is strongly patriarchal. They are moving towards equality […]

Lew Jones, Zion

President of the Fellowship of Zion Zion’s founder, charismatic evangelical preacher Lewellyn (Lew) Jones, encouraged anyone who was “born again” to emigrate to this colony. On radio and TV broadcasts, he often rants against “those heathens” in the Muslim colonies and “those sinners” in the Commonwealth of Liberty. Fifteen years ago, Lew married the sole […]

Perry Stanton, Zion

Minister of Special Projects (officially) of the Fellowship of Zion Perry Stanton arrived here with Lew and has always been Lew’s trusted right hand. Corruption at the top characterized this government from the start. Staying in power required increasingly harsh tactics. During the colony’s tenth year, Perry was appointed head of the Secret Police. Most […]

Ray-Ray Hardy, C. Liberty

Director-General, Commonwealth of Liberty Despite having only 65,000 colonists, the Commonwealth of Liberty is the most successful of the independent colonies since the Hardy family discovered the most valuable platinum mine in known space. The matriarch, Margarita Hardy, used her fortune to establish a hereditary Director-Generalship that oversees the largest local corporations and provides a […]

Tsou Bao-Zhi, China

Premier of the Chinese People’s Republic of DeKamp, Secretary General of the Communist Party Tsou Bao-Zhi became the leader of this Chinese colony some 13 years ago, and began a policy of issuing “business licenses” to people who wanted to organize and run businesses (either manufacturing or services). A few other Party big-wigs accused him […]